5 Air Conditioner Unit Problems to Watch Out For

air conditioning unit


Your clothes are starting to stick to you, you are panting, and you start to feel drops of sweat slide down your face. You don’t understand why your air conditioner isn’t working after a recent fix.

We can help you understand how to recognize when your air conditioner is starting to break down to prevent any future frustration and heated days.

Here are five signs to look for:


1) Noise

An air conditioner should not be producing a clanking or kicking noise. If ever you turn on your unit and  recognize an awful noise as it is running, don’t panic.

Noise in an air conditioner can occur for many different reasons. The unit may be loose and needs to be tightened. It may also need to be cleaned of the debris and remnants that reside in the unit. To help make sure the unit is fully functional, you may need professional repairs or a new unit altogether.


2) Air Conditioner Will Not Turn Off

During hot months it is not uncommon for air conditioner units to start up, run, and turn off consistently throughout the day. However, it is a problem if you notice your air conditioner never turns off, or only turns off a couple times throughout the day.

This constant running of your air conditioner happens because of an issue with duct sizing, or your thermostat is not communicating properly with the unit. The AC unit could also be too small for the home and be dirty as a result. Lastly, the air conditioner unit could be old and in need of replacement.


3) AC Unit Breaks Down Frequently

As your air conditioning unit becomes older, you will notice it to start breaking down more. This happens because the parts in the AC unit are getting old. Old parts wear out and break down faster. Therefore, instead of repairing it every summer, it would be best to get a replacement.


4) AC Bill Increases

If your air conditioning unit can’t run effectively and efficiently, it will have to work harder in order to produce cool air. As your air conditioner works harder it will use more electricity, run longer, and consequently raise the utility bill.

No one likes a sudden hike in utility bill expenses. You can look and check to see if your AC unit is using too much power and money. If you see a dramatic spike from your AC unit in price, it could because your AC unit is getting too old. The best thing to do is to call for a repair or a replacement.


5) Temperature Rises = Discomfort

Comfort should be found through effective air conditioning units. However, if you feel increased heat, the air conditioner isn’t making you cooler, and you are in discomfort, there is a problem.


When Do I Call?

Call whenever you notice any of these problems to get further instruction. If your unit has some years under its belt, the best thing is to get a replacement. A new unit will work more efficiently, keeping you cool and comfortable for years to come. We are here to help you with your air conditioning problems. Give us a call! Contact us at Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air.