Winter is just around the corner and that loud, smelly, questionable fire box in your garage or attic has you questioning whether it can be trusted to keep your loved ones warm and comfortable.


Buying a new furnace doesn’t usually rank high on the list of pleasurable expenditures. But, reality is that a furnace isn’t designed to last forever, usually not more than 10 – 15 years. Additionally, you may not use your furnace as much in California as you would in other parts of the country, but when you need it, you want it to work well, run clean, and not be a disturbance. So, in order to help you improve winter comfort and to ensure you don’t go cold, here are a few reasons to consider an awesome and totally new furnace.


1. Efficiency
If your furnace is 15-20 years old, it is not as efficient as today’s modern furnaces. In some cases, your furnace may be running at lower than 40% efficiency. This means that for every dollar of gas you burn, sixty cents worth goes up the furnace flue pipe, and into the atmosphere. It’s bad for your wallet and the planet. A new furnace is much more efficient and will lower your utility bills. A standard efficiency furnace could spell as much as a 50% improvement in gas efficiency.


2. Noise Levels
This is perhaps one of the best reasons to upgrade your furnace. Older furnaces are loud and they can be distracting, even in larger homes. If the noise your furnace makes requires you to turn up the TV, speak more loudly, or is just plain annoying, then consider a new furnace; specifically, one run by the newer ECM (electronically controlled motor) fan motors. These units are much quieter, more effective, and more efficient. To make matters even better, some ECM motors have multiple fan speeds. This means that your furnace will adjust its gas power and fan speed to meet your home’s specific heating needs.


3. Home Value
A furnace is a “longer” term home investment. If you decided to sell your home, a furnace will bring value to that new potential buyer. But, don’t wait to upgrade your furnace when you finally decide to move. Do it today and get some enjoyment out of lower energy bills and increased comfort.


4. Easy Repairs/Warranties
No one enjoys an unexpected breakdown. If you have an older furnace, any warranty that covered it is likely long past. Even if it had a warranty, the parts and repairs can cost more on an old furnace than simply buying a new furnace. New furnaces come with a minimum 10 year parts warranty, and some parts are even covered for life.

5. Peace of Mind
Occasionally, furnaces could be potential fire hazards or could be leaking carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases into your home. As mentioned above, a furnace is not built to last forever. As the furnace ages, rollout from the burner tubes becomes an issue and can lead to a fire. Additionally, the heat exchanger (the box that separates the combusted gases from the air running through the ducts) begins to break down. This breakdown of the heat exchanger leads to cross contamination and carbon monoxide leaks. If your furnace is a decade old or older, you should have it inspected regularly and, if there are any doubts about its safety, have it replaced.

6. Inadequacy
This is a common problem; your home has cold spots or one room has never heated properly. If your furnace can’t keep up or heat evenly, it’s probably time for a new furnace and possibly corrections to, or replacement of, your ductwork. Proper furnace sizing and duct design are critical to a properly installed system.

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