7 HVAC Mistakes to Avoid This Fall

Our heating and cooling systems play the important role of regulating and maintaining our indoor air. This means that, no matter what the temperature outdoors might be, you can always come home to a space that feels comfortable and relaxing.

Are you prepared to transition your heating and cooling into the fall season?


Take a look at our list of 7 common mistakes that homeowners in your community often make when it comes to their HVAC systems and find out:

1. Using Old Units

Have you been putting off replacing your old, worn-out furnace or air conditioner? Then don’t wait until your system fails you unexpectedly to call for replacement services.

Not only does emergency service usually cost more, but using an inefficient system can be even more expensive because older systems work less efficiently, causing your energy bills to go up.

2. Forgetting About Your Filters

change-filters_720It’s easy to forget to inspect your filters and to have them changed, but this important step can have a significant impact on how comfortable you feel during the fall months and how often you get sick.

Dirty filters put added strain on your system, and since they are less effective at filtering out irritants like dander, bacteria, and viruses, you’ll find yourself with a runny nose more often than if you’d changed your filters at the right time.

3. Choosing a Single Temperature Year-Round

As the seasons change, the shifts in outdoor temperature can put added strain on your system, so it’s important to adjust accordingly and to try to keep things near to 72 or 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Make slight changes during extra-cold days in order to help your system keep up with the external temperature.

4. Forgoing HVAC Maintenance

hvac-maintenance_720The best times for heating and cooling maintenance are when the seasons change because professional inspections can alert you to issues with your units, vents, filters, and other critical areas which may need attention before they become heavily used during the coming months.

5. Turning Your Heater Off

It may seem like a great way to cut costs, but turning your heater on and off puts added strain on your system because it has to work hard to reach the same efficiency levels and temperature that it is usually set to.

6. Changing Your HVAC Settings Every Day

Keeping your home at a single, static temperature isn’t a good long-term strategy, but neither is fiddling with your HVAC settings, either.

Constantly changing your settings can invest-in-your-ventscause your system to wear out faster, so we recommend keeping your home around the same temperature most days, and adjusting during times when the temperature swings unexpectedly.

7. Invest in Your Vents

Your vents are critical components of your heating and cooling system, and if they’re leaking, damaged, or clogged up, they may be causing your system to work overtime. Avoid air loss, increased energy costs, and uncomfortable air by investing in a professional assessment of your ventilation system.

For more ways that you can stay comfortable and keep your energy bills low this fall, contact the experts at Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air in Marin, CA at 831-219-8644.