Ways to Clean and Sanitize Your Indoor Air

Soquel AirWise people say that cleanliness is next to good living. This statement underscores the importance of hygiene especially indoors, where people spend most of their time.

There are natural and artificial ways of sanitizing indoor air. Natural methods simply involve maintenance of hygiene.

Artificial procedures on the other hand involve the use of man-made appliances such as vaporizers and humidifiers to clean indoor air.

Unique Natural Methods of Cleaning Indoor Air

  • One unique method of sanitizing indoor air is by growing house plants such as Ferns, Bamboo, Yucca, Chrysanthemum, snake plant and others. These plants ensure indoor cleanliness naturally by filtering out volatile organic compounds from the air.
  • Another unique way of cleaning indoor air is by the use of Himalayan salt lamps. These natural lamps remove toxins from the indoor atmosphere and neutralize them.
  • Disinfecting the bathroom with Vinegar and alcohol is also an alternative and unique method of sanitizing damp indoor air. Apart from these natural approaches, several unique appliances can be utilized to sterilize the indoor atmosphere.

Artificial and Unique Methods of Sanitizing Indoor Air

  • The use of air conditioners is one unique way of cleaning the indoor air. Normally, these appliances are used to regulate the room temperature. However, they can also eliminate indoor pollutants like dust and pollen.
  • Utilization of humidifiers is another unique method of cleaning indoor air especially when the atmosphere is very dry. Humidifiers achieve this by emitting cold vapor into the dry air, thus realizing a cleansing effect.
  • If the air indoors is dry, murky, and cold especially during winter, a vaporizer can rectify this by pumping hot steam in the air. For these unique appliances to function successfully however, certain slip-ups need to be avoided.

Soquel Indoor-Air-ServicesThings to Avoid for Fresh Sanitized Air

  • Perhaps the most important precaution to take here is to avoid smoking. Passive cigarette smoke is a terrible indoor pollutant with dire health consequences.
  • Another thing to avoid in order to have a hygienic indoor atmosphere, is the use of wall to wall carpets. These carpets harbor contaminators such as dust and moisture.
  • Use of heat producing appliances should also be minimized. Last but not least, paraffin candles should be avoided because they emit pollutants such as Benzene and Toluene. Beeswax candles should be used instead.

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