How to Prepare Your Home for the Hot Summer Months Ahead

Beware of the Summer Heat

The summertime can be so hot that many people have even lost their lives because of the high heat index. Although this may be a rarity in some cases, the summer sun is nothing to fool around with. Since many people know how hot it can get in the summer, they make sure to weatherproof their home and get maintenance on their AC unit because they know they’ll be running it on a daily basis.

Some homes can become so hot in the summer that the home runs the AC from morning till night, and they may continue allowing the unit to run throughout the night as well. Although it may not be very comfortable when the home gets so hot that the AC has to be run all the time, it’s still good knowing that the AC can be turned on to cool the home in the summer months. If you know you’re facing a hot summer, then get your AC prepared.

cleaning-the-outdoor-AC-unit-4How to Prepare Your AC Unit for the Job

In order to prepare your AC unit to cool your home in the summer, you’ll first need maintenance. Every year you should call out a specialist to check on your unit and maintain it, and they can do everything necessary to keep your unit functioning properly.

If your home currently doesn’t have an AC unit, then you have an even bigger problem than those with an AC unit that needs maintenance. You’ll need to get an AC unit if you’re going to keep your home cool, especially if you’re in a city that can get rather hot in the summer. Some have moved into a new home and have no AC unit but need one installed, so calling an HVAC specialist is the best choice.

Those who are purchasing an AC unit should look for one that is a high efficiency air conditioner, and this means that they can save a lot of energy when they use the unit. Ask an HVAC specialist about the best types of AC units to install in the home, and many of them have a lifespan of up to 20 years.

Also, make sure that the unit you purchase has an Energy Star label, especially if your goal is to have a high efficiency air conditioner that cools the home but doesn’t cost as much on the energy bill.

Is Your AC Unit Working Properly?

You’ll need to know if your AC unit works right, and there are a few things that should tell you if it’s not functioning properly, such as:

  • Each room has a drastically different temperature
  • The room quickly heats up when the AC is off
  • The thermostat won't turn on the AC
  • The AC turns off before the room is cool enough
  • The central air is only blowing warm air

enjoying-an-outdoor-viewDifferent Room Temperatures
- When an AC unit is not working properly, or the central air is out of whack, you may have one room that’s very cold while another room stays warm. Different room temperatures that are exceptionally different can be the result of several things, including a thermostat that’s misplaced, the size of the room, additional sunlight, the need for weatherstripping and more.

When each room is experiencing different temperatures, this is something that should be mentioned to and HVAC specialist, especially when the home is running central air-conditioning.

Room Heats Up- If the room starts getting warm right after the AC is turned off, then there is a problem. The AC unit may or may not be the problem, but it’s also likely that the room is losing the cool air through cracks, holes, spaces, or doorways.

If the room is completely closed off but still losing the cold air quickly, then it’s possible that the AC unit that was installed in the home was not the right size to begin with and is not completely cooling the room as it should.

Also, consider that you may have an older AC unit that has a low to high temperature rating, which some of the older units can have a rating of six, which is extremely low and needs to be at least at 11.6 or higher.

Thermostat Problems- If you turn on the AC with a thermostat but the central air doesn’t come on, it could be a problem with the AC or the thermostat, but this is something that the specialist will have to determine.

replacing-your-air-filter-5AC Turns Off- If the AC is turning off before the room ever gets cool enough, even though you bring it to a lower temperature on the thermostat, then there may be several problems that need addressing.

One possibility is the thermostat, but the other possibility is the size of the AC unit. People don’t realize that they have to get the right sized unit for their home or else they won’t be able to properly cool their home when it’s necessary.

Warm Air Problems- Having tears in the heating duct as well as other problems within the AC unit itself may be why you’re receiving warm air in the home when you turn the AC unit on. Since this problem can be caused by several issues, allow your HVAC specialist to address it.

Always get Maintenance and Repair

Having your HVAC unit maintained on a yearly basis means that you’re less likely to face problems in between the maintenance schedules. During the maintenance, your specialist should be able to fix any problems with the unit unless the unit can’t be fixed and needs a complete replacement.

Getting your AC unit repaired and maintained on a regular basis means that you’ll be able to face the summer in a pleasant atmosphere in your home that’s cool and comfortable.

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