A Household Plan for a Healthy New Year

Healthy-lifeYour entire family is now beginning the New Year ready to take on the challenges that await them. Wouldn’t it be better if they were able to do so in the finest of health? In this latest post, our expert team takes a look at the ways you can improve your plumbing and help your family achieve their ideal health levels for the coming year.

Flush Your Water Heater Regularly

Your home water heater could be the source of dangerous elements in the water you use for bathing in your home. Toxic metals and other elements can make their way through the system and may irritate the skin and cause other health issues.

To ensure that your system is working to peak performance and no dangerous elements are making their way through, it’s important that you flush the system regularly.

Commit to the Drain Cleaning Process clogged-drains                                          

You might not think about it often, but your home drain is the source of numerous bacterial issues in your home. If you’re not able to clean the home drain effectively, it could impact your family throughout the year.

It’s important that you work with a home plumbing specialist to reduce the bacteria in the area and ensure a clean and healthy living space for the entire family.

Review Your Water Filtration Options

Providing your family with drinking water should be the highest priority as you look to improve the health of your family this year. There are many filtration options available, including water softeners, carbon filtration and reverse osmosis systems, each of which is designed to help remove the contaminants from your home drinking water. When choosing a filtration system, try to work with your local plumber and ensure you make the right choice for your family and their on-going water usage needs.

Review Home Water Leaks Throughout the Property

Leaks in your home might have a significant impact on your home spending. But they might also cause significant health concerns throughout the property. That’s because a water leak can soon lead to mold in the home if the leak isn’t resolved effectively.

Water can spread throughout the home, damaging the entire structure and causing mold growth in various areas. Work with a specialist plumber to analyze your property for mold issues.

Our team is here to guide you in ensuring a healthy home for your family. To learn more, call our Santa Cruz, CA offices at 831-477-7150.