One of the worst experiences you can have is coming home to a broken AC or heating unit. It’s always been a top priority to keep your family safe and dry from the outside elements, and let’s face it, you don’t want to call just anyone to fix your heating and cooling units.

That’s where we come in. Here at Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air, we are an air conditioning service company in Santa Cruz, CA. For 33 years, we have been providing the Santa Cruz area with outstanding air conditioning and heating services.

We’ve made it our continuous goal to provide you and your family with exceptional service, and our credentials speak for themselves.

For the last nine years we have been Diamond Certified. Companies receive Diamond Certification for consistent quality customer satisfaction and loyalty. We are also proud to be named to the Best of Santa Cruz for the last five years in a row.


So how do we provide such great service? It starts with our three core values:


1) Provide Customers with Professional, Fast, and Reliable Service

We know how inconvenient it can be for you and your family to go for days on end without a warm or cool house. That’s why we are committed to providing fast home AC repair and home heating repair.

If you aren’t satisfied with with our service, we will fix it immediately or give you a refund. We also offer a 1-year Test Drive Guarantee. If your newly installed system isn’t up to your standards during the first year, we’ll happily remove it and refund you.  


2) Provide Our Employees with Professional, Stable, and Rewarding Careers.

To help you receive the best quality service, we ensure that we provide you with the highest caliber of employees. We do that by making sure to take especially great care of our employees.

We provide them with work they love that will also elevate their standard of living. And in turn, they provide you with excellent heating and cooling service. Our team is full of qualified professionals who are happy to assist you anyway they can.


3) Give Back to the Local Community and Be a Positive Example to Our People, Clients, and Competitors.

We understand that in this day and age business is about more than just the bottom line, it’s about giving back to the community. That’s why this is also one of our top three core values.

You can spot us in our famous “ductbusting” van driving around town. We’ve attended numerous parades and have continually set a positive example for the community, our people, and our competitors.


Call Us Today

So if you are looking for a high-quality heating and cooling service from a company you can trust, give us a call today at (831) 244-6718.