Drain Busting You Can Trust


We service 100’s of Santa Cruz's and Santa Clara's toughest drain clogs and repairs every month here at Bellows Plumbing, Heating, & Air. A drain clog is probably the single fastest way your home gets your attention! It’s also partly where our company slogan “When you needs us, you’ll know!” comes from. The good news with drain clogs is that there a numerous ways to fight back and get your drain line back up and flowing.


Cable, Snake, Unplug, Rooter

Assuming it’s possible and the line does not have a critical failure, this is typically the least expensive and most common method used to clear your drain or sewer line. It starts with our plumbing technician locating an access point to the sewer line. If the house is plumbed properly there will be a cleanout access where the plumber can access the drain line and cable / rooter the drain line. Without a proper cleanout we can still sometimes clear the clog, however there is the risk of flooding the house or at the minimum causing a mess.


Drain cables are designed to push soft stoppages such as toilet paper or sanitary napkins through the line. They can also be equipped with a blade to trim back small roots. However, we caution homeowners that continual trimming of roots will eventually lead to complete failure of the line. If you have ever trimmed a hedge and watch it grow back twice as big the next year, the roots in your sewer line act the same way. Plus there’s always the chance that as roots are cut and pulled from the line, they take pieces of pipe with them.


Hydrojetting, Hydroscrubing, Jetting, Hydroscour

A jetter is basically a big expensive fancy hose and pump that jets water at up to 4000 psi; strong enough to cut through wood. The hose can be equipped with various heads or nozzles that sends water in all directions. Jetters are great from removing accumulated sludge and grease from lines. Grease is hard to clear from sewer lines using a drain cable because the cables simply stirs up the grease but cannot push it down the line.


Spot Repairs

A spot repair is the best method when a sewer line has only one or two bad spots that appear to be in the early stages of failure. Often times inferior fittings or poor workmanship lead to single root intrusions. Using a sewer camera and line locator we can pin point the exact point of the failure, remove, and splice in a new section of pipe.


Trenchless Sewer Replacement / Full Line Replacement

In some cases a line fails beyond the point of repair. This is often due to roots, shifting soil, or pipe materials line Orangeburg or old clay. What typically justifies full line replacement is when more than two spot repairs or 10+’ of pipe replacement is needed. The most common sewer replacement method is trenchless sewer replacement. With trenchless sewer replacement an entirely new sewer line can be installed with only minimal impact to the yard, street, and property. Most trenchless sewer jobs can be done within a few days and downtime for you the homeowner is minimized. When trenchless sewer replacement is not possible trenching is the only option.


If you are currently experiencing a sewer or drain clog, or you know you’re close to needing a new sewer line or spot repair give us a call. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss options. Remember, it’s best to take care of any sewer or drain issues before your home steps in and tells you it’s time.