Prevent A Garbage Disposal Disaster During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Is Almost Here

Those who are preparing for Thanksgiving dinner in their Santa Cruz home, may find themselves over the kitchen sink for long periods of time.

It’s common to cut up a lot of potatoes on Thanksgiving, and the potato skins are something that people may feel can go down a garbage disposal unit.

Santa Cruz, CA Garbage-Disposal-ServicesA lot of the foods that are being prepared for Thanksgiving day may need to be discarded, and it’s likely that those discarded pieces of food will end up in the garbage disposal unit.

There are certain foods that should never be put into a garbage disposal, and some may only learn this after their disposal stops working.

Since Thanksgiving is a day when a lot of food will need to be put into the garbage disposal unit, it’s wise to know which foods can go into the unit and which ones can’t.

Don’t Put These Foods In Your Garbage Disposal

Potato skins can be extremely thick, especially if a potato peeler isn’t used. Putting potato skins down the unit may eventually clog it up or make the unit stop working. Imagine someone who has ten or even twenty pounds of potatoes to peel, it can be very hard for the garbage disposal unit to get rid of so much excess potato skins.

It’s best that these types of foods do not go down the unit at all to avoid breaking it. Even rinds from certain types of fruit can be a problem for a garbage disposal unit, and they may not shred at all.

Raw foods, celery stalks, bones, coffee grounds, oil, corn husks and more are all foods to avoid putting in a garbage disposal. If foods are soft, they should be able to go through the unit, but certain types of foods may end up getting the unit clogged, especially oil.

Oil can harden in the garbage disposal and eventually back up the unit to where nothing can go down the drain. Avoiding putting certain types of foods down the garbage disposal unit can be the difference between having a working unit and a broken one.

Is A Plumber Necessary?

If the garbage disposal breaks on Thanksgiving day, a plumber in your Santa Cruz area is the first person to call. Plumbers can fix the disposal unit with ease, and they’ll give advice on how to keep the unit running properly in the future.

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