Located in the heart of Santa Clara County, San Jose is known as the the state’s first capital, the largest Northern California city, home of year-round prime weather, and the most expensive housing market nationwide. But don’t let unnecessary expenses get even worse with inefficient HVAC . Enjoy the HVAC services you need in the city you love with Bellows San Jose heating and cooling!

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Bellows provides necessary year-round HVAC services (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). Especially during these warmer months when the AC is running more often than marathoners, call in a Bellows professional to ensure your cooling unit is in ship-shape, free of clogs, mold, breaks, leakage, etc. that could lead to a total breakdown of your system. Instead of fanning yourself with computer paper while contemplating if you can even afford the costly AC repair, call up Bellows for a maintenance check. Of course, if a repair is needed, our emergency line will assist you in no time.

AC Repair & Maintenance

Air-conditioners are a solution to summer heat, but sometimes need solutions themselves.

AC units are long lasting but don’t last forever. No matter the quality, eventually it will wear out and break. But longevity will increase with proper care, especially during the months it is in use.

The first step to a long-lasting cooler is correct installation. Avoid risky and dangerous DIY installation and use our Bellows professional technician to perform any AC repairs. They can also ensure that the unit is the right size and running properly and is up to code.

An efficient cooling system is more about clean efficient airflow. Issues can include thermostat accuracy, broken coils, clogs, and leaks. All of these issues are addressed in a San Jose Bellows routine check.

Furnace Maintenance and Repair

Since it’s summer in Santa Clara and your furnace is not in use, you may think a furnace maintenance check is unnecessary. However, it is actually the best time for one! Ensure a well-running furnace in the summer months, so that it is good to go in winter months when you need it most. Don’t get left in the cold. Choose Bellows today for a furnace repair and avoid a future malfunction.


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Keep your San Jose space cool, warm, and everything in between with Bellows heating and cooling services. Stay comfortable physically and financially with full-service installation, maintenance, and repair with Bellows

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