Bellows To The Rescueburstedwaterpipebellowsvan


We received an emergency call from a Property Manager that a home in one of their mobile home parks had a burst pipe and water was gushing everywhere. It was a Saturday and everything was calm up until that point. Immediately the on call dispatcher contacted our plumber to get out there and take care of the situation before it got any worse. As soon as we were onsite, we could see water pouring down the street as well as flooding the customers electrical box. The issue was severe and PG&E needed to come out immediately to turn off the electricity.Once PG&E turned off the electricity, the technician along with PG&E safely marked all the underground pipes to prevent any more problems and to ensure a safe work environment. The technician finished marking the underground pipes and before he finished Bellows had their install crew lined up to come fix the problem first thing in the morning.


Once the install crew got onsite they reviewed the work order details and found the pipe that had burst under the home. They got to work instantly to ensure that the customers water would be back on as soon as possible as well as the power getting restored to the park. Emergency situations can be daunting and need to be handled safely and fast. Fortunately, Bellows has the manpower to handle emergency situations when they arise. Don't waste any time looking for just a plumber, call the professionals at Bellows Plumbing, Heating, & Air.

Most of these emergency plumbing situations can be prevented with simple routine maintenance on your house. Not sure where to start? Put your worries at ease as Bellows offers a yearly Preventative Maintenance Plan that offers three house visits a year to check on your plumbing heating and electrical. Along with the three visits you get even more benefits such as priority booking and additional discounts on work. Sign up today and start saving with the Preventative Maintenance Plan offered by the Bellows family!