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Why Some Customers Love Heat Pumps vs Air Conditioners!

Posted On: June 23, 2023

Deciding between a heat pump vs air conditioner [or a traditional HVAC system] for your home's heating and cooling needs can be a challenging task.In this post, we will explore various factors that homeowners should consider when making their decision, including climate considerations, budgetary concerns, energy efficiency, environmental impact, and…

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BAM! Plan – Labor Coverage to Your Home’s Comfort Equipment

Posted On: April 4, 2022

Our BAM! (Bellows Annual Membership) is well known in the areas we service, but did you know you can add any equipment installed by Bellows within the past 12 months to a BAM plan and have labor coverage added. As part of the BAM plan Bellows will match the manufacture's…

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Should I Install Ductless Air Conditioning?

Posted On: February 7, 2019

Did you know that your heating and cooling systems, out of all your home devices, consume the most energy each day? You can change your roofing from asphalt shingles to metal panels; you can also switch to a more conservative water heater. But choosing an energy efficient solution for your…

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Twin Lakes Beach Cleanup – Serving the Local Community and the Environment

Posted On: September 10, 2018

Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air believes in keeping our shores & oceans clean and protected. Recently Bellows partnered with Save Our Shores for a beach cleanup in Santa Cruz. We all gathered up on August 26th at Twin Lakes Beach near the harbor. Around twenty of us showed up around 10…

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Water Heater Maintenance: Essential Tips

Posted On: September 4, 2018

Hot water represents one of life's necessities. Aside from its requirement for adequate cleaning and washing, it's the use of hot water to bathe that most of us simply cannot live without. Regardless of how you rank the usefulness of its many employments, the sudden failure of a water heater presents…

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How much do main line sewer repairs cost?

Posted On: May 23, 2018

Why is mainline sewer repair so expensive? The average range of costs for mainline sewer repairs is $1,052 - $3,920. Mainline sewer systems are critical for modern urban living, yet their maintenance and repair can be surprisingly expensive. Oftentimes, main line sewer repairs require experts to dig trenches and repair…

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Fast & Reputable Furnace Repair Service by Bellows

Posted On: March 23, 2018

When you need a furnace repair service, you will know. Even in the San Jose area where we don’t get far below the 40’s and 50’s, we all need a reliable furnace! Stay warm and comfortable in your own home when the temperatures start to drop. Call in the technicians…

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Dealing with Kitchen Drain Clogs

Posted On: January 23, 2018

Kitchen plumbing will try to get the best of you. Luckily, the information and services we provide will help you win the piping battles.  Clogs and drainage backups can happen when food like grease or starch create a blockage. However, avoiding putting these down your drain won't always prevent a…

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Top 5 Ways to Unclog a Drain Effectively

Posted On: April 1, 2015

Key TakeawaysIdentify and Prevent Clogs: Recognize common causes of drain clogs, such as non-disintegrating items in toilets and grease in kitchen sinks, to prevent future blockages.Effective Tools for Unclogging: Use plungers for minor clogs and drain snakes or augers for tougher, deeper blockages.Choose Safe Cleaners: Opt for enzymatic cleaners to…

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