Plumbing Projects Best Left to the Pros

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There have been a lot of things to love about the resurgence of the DIY movement. People are learning new skills, saving money, creating new things—these are all great. However, even the well-intentioned can make mistakes, and some mistakes are far more costly than others. For example, mistakes made during an attempt at plumbing DIY can cost many times more than simply shelling out for a professional plumber.

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Why Is DIY Plumbing a Bad Idea?

Because many of these points will come up repeatedly, it’s best to cover them in a catch-all. The big problem with plumbing DIY can be broken down into a couple of things:

  • Plumbing demands precision – A single off measurement or incorrectly selected length of pipe can result in the entire plumbing system failing. This means leaks, faucets or drains that don’t work, high water bills, and worse. Plumbers go through years of training!
  • Botched plumbing can extensively damage your home – Water damage can spiral out of control extremely quickly. This results in wall damage, foundation damage, mold infestations—all problems that cost a staggering amount of money to recover from.
  • Plumbing contractors have access to superior tools – And at lower prices! A professional plumbing company goes through great pains to secure great deals with manufacturers, vendors, and other contractors in order to minimize project costs, both for them and for you.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Absolutely any project involving a sewer line is too big of a task for a “do it yourself” approach. Sewer lines can be buried as deep as 5 or 6 feet down, which already makes the task a nightmare without a contractor’s equipment. Even worse, mistakes with the plumbing main could damage municipal property, which is a headache all on its own. Some professionals these days offer trenchless sewer repair, which can save tremendously on costs and time.

Pipe Leak Repair & Replacement

Plumbing pipe replacement requires getting into your walls, disconnecting piping, refitting, reinstalling and hoping your measurements are correct, and much more. More importantly, why your pipe was leaking is a very important question that requires an answer. For example, are your pipes leaking because your home still uses galvanized steel plumbing that rusted through? If so, many of your pipes may need to be replaced to ensure safety in your home.

Persistent Plumbing Clogs

It’s completely understandable to go with your first impulse and grab a plunger when you have a clogged toilet. In fact, we’d encourage it. But! The vast majority of toilet clogs and other plumbing clogs don’t happen because of a bit of wadded paper or a misplaced toy. Most clogs are the result of years of scum, hair, and paper buildup that over time has transformed into a densely packed puck of grime. In other words, the plunger isn’t going to cut it.

In short, go for the plunger, but if the clog comes back or doesn’t go down after a minute, call a plumber for comprehensive drain cleaning!

The Pitfalls of DIY Hose Bibb Replacement

Attempting to replace hose bibbs on your own can introduce a host of problems. Without the proper knowledge and tools, you risk creating leaks that can lead to significant water waste and damage. The intricacies of selecting the right hose bibb, ensuring a watertight connection, and avoiding damage to your home’s exterior require professional expertise. Additionally, installing a hose bibb incorrectly can compromise your home’s water quality and safety. To avoid these risks and ensure the job is done right, it’s best to rely on professionals who have the training and equipment to handle the task efficiently and effectively.

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When your home requires plumbing work, save yourself time, stress, and money by connecting with an experienced plumbing contractor. If you’re looking for honest services and dependable plumbers, you’re already in the right place! Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air has been offering superior plumbing service for 35 years.

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