Ways to Prepare Your Boiler for This Winter

Preparing your boiler ahead of time for winter use can save you money and prevent inconveniences. By checking your boiler before you begin to use it to heat your Santa Cruz home, you can spot and fix any problems before they get worse.

Santa Cruz, CA Boiler-ServicesDoing some routine maintenance and cleaning your boiler will also result in more efficient operation that can translate into greater comfort and lower energy bills during the winter.

Turn Your Boiler On And Look For Any Problems During Operation

Experts recommend that you should turn your boiler on every month for at least a few minutes, even in warm weather.

During the warm weather you can run the boiler at a reduced temperature setting, but you should still run it for a few minutes. This is the easiest way to spot any problems well in advance and this also helps prolong the life of your boiler.

While the boiler is on be on the lookout for any problems such as a lack of heating, uneven heating, and noises coming from the boiler.

If your boiler has warmed up and you find your Santa Cruz home has been not been heated sufficiently or still hear noises from the boiler during operation, it is a good idea to contact a professional to inspect the boiler for damage.

Insulate Pipes To Prevent Boiler Shutdown During Very Cold Temperatures

One of the most common causes of boiler shutdown is when the the condensate pipe gets frozen over during very cold temperatures outside.

This pipe carries condensation away from your boiler and drains it to the outside when steam is created to heat your home. If it gets frozen, the boiler will shut down.

Make sure you insulate your condensate pipe with thick foam to prevent it from freezing over. You will also want to insulate pipes that carry water to the boiler as well, especially if they are located in attics or unheated basements.

Check And Bleed Your Radiators If Needed

Radiators emit the heat that is created by the boiler throughout your home to keep it warm. When your boiler is turned on, carefully check the radiators.

If they are hot at the bottom but cold at the top, this means that air is trapped inside the radiator. The trapped air greatly reduces the amount of heat that the radiator will give off to warm your home. Bleed your radiators to increase the amount of heat they will give off.

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