stainless steel kitchen drain
You’re running late for work while trying to find the last pair of shoes your puppy didn’t chew when suddenly you hear in the bathroom, “Mommy, the water isn’t going down the drain!” It seems that clogs always come at the worst moments. These pesky clogs can be as simple as some tangled hair or as complex as deep pipe damage. But how do you effectively (and quickly) solve the problem?


What Causes Clogs?

Before clearing out the build-up in your pipe, we need to understand what causes clogs. It may be more than you think. There can be other culprits than just wet hair and food; things like dirt, skin flakes, kitchen grease, and soap scum are the most common forms of gunk getting stuck in your drains. Combine the Bay Area’s moisture with a dark pipe, and almost anything you put down the drain has the potential of getting stuck.

And toilets?

Toilets get backed up when people flush down items that do not dissolve or break apart in water. The most common culprits include feminine hygiene products, cotton swabs, and pre-moistened diaper wipes.


The Short-Term Solution

The classic drain plunger and cleaner may provide some temporary relief from your nasty clogs. The plunger uses pressure to pull the gunk up, allowing you to wipe the drain clean. Unfortunately, plungers only release a fraction of the clog, leaving you susceptible to future problems.


The Long-Term Solution

Professionals at Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air are trained in removing even the deepest of grime in your pipes. Our licensed plumbers use the latest technology to shoot clogs straight through the pipe into your sewage system. The high pressure water also clears out any other bit of debris, preventing future clogs. Count on our drain clog cleaning in Santa Cruz to jet the grime out!

Many of our plumbers will also remove and clean the drain elbow joint, the most common location for clogs. Using antimicrobial coatings, Bellow’s drain clog solutions in Santa Cruz will disinfect your pipes, giving you peace of mind. If the clog continues, our professionals may use a drain auger, a tool meant to pull break up and retrieve whatever is blocking the pipe. Leave it to us to dig deep into your pipes.

On rare occasions, the reason for your pipe’s blockage is due to poor drain design and installation. Our certified technicians are experienced with drain ventilation and slope, the two key aspects to efficient plumbing. If your pipes are in need of an upgrade, Bellow’s drain clog cleaning in Santa Cruz can provide you affordable options for replacing your sewer system.


Preventing Future Clogs

With years of experience under our belts, Bellows offers six tips for preventing clogs:

  • Use a drain stopper or strainer to catch large pieces of food, hair, or grease.
  • Only put things down the drain that can be readily dissolved in water.
  • Regularly clean your sinks, tubs, and pipes by running hot water with a dollop of dish detergent. While this won’t solve a formidable clog, it can prevent future buildup.
  • Dispose of kitchen grease by letting it solidify, and then throw it out with the trash.
  • Regularly check to make sure nothing is blocking the vent pipe, or gulp valves around the house. These openings allow for air to push down anything in your drain.
  • In need of drain clog solutions in Santa Cruz? Bellows has 24/7 emergency care for all of your urgent needs.


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