Ductless Mini Split Options

EF indoor unit in residential application
Ductless Systems Provide Quality Air Conditioning for Your Needs.

Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air is an Elite Mitsubishi Dealer and Lennox Premier dealer of ducted and ductless mini split systems. This top dealer status certifies that our staff has the know-how to properly design, install, and maintain mini split systems. Mini split systems are essentially variable speed heat pumps, and offer unmatched efficiency, design application, and comfort.

Your home’s heating and cooling system not only controls the comfort level within each space but also affects your family’s air quality. Ductless heating and cooling systems have become one of the most popular choice throughout modern homes for multiple reasons.

These systems provide unbeatable comfort along with more energy efficient operation for decreased utility costs. For those that want true zoned temperature control for each living space and also never heat or cool a room not in use, there is nothing better than a ductless mini split system by Mitsubishi. With multiple styles, models, and types, there is a system to meet everyone’s needs.

Learn more about the ductless HVAC systems available in the Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma area by calling the Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air experts at 831-244-6718. We provide the options and the guidance to help you identify your perfect heating and cooling system.

Your Mitsubishi Ductless Solutions

Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air is an Elite Level Mitsubishi Dealer in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Marin, and Sonoma Counties. This means we are a top dealer, in fact top in the state in 2018 & 2019, and have extensive training and experience in design, installation, and maintenance of these amazing units.

Ductless HVAC units can be mounted on the ceiling, on the wall, or on the lower part of the wall as a floor mount. Each type of ductless system delivers benefits and options that meet your heating and cooling needs both effectively and efficiently. To find out which ductless HVAC unit is right for your Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma home, call the Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air team first.

Mitsubishi Wall Mount Ductless Options

Wall mount ductless HVAC systems are the most common style used in homes, and with good reason. These models provide controlled comfort that can be individually adjusted by unit. This allows focused heating or cooling in areas of use to lower energy use throughout the home.

  • Ductless Unit Series: GL24
    Indoor Unit, Residential, Wall Mount
  • GL Models:

    These standard units provide lasting comfort with individual control and energy star rated efficiency. These models are available in both 3 and 5 speeds to deliver filtered air throughout your home.
  • FH Models:

    Upgraded from the GL model, these units offer i-see technology to monitor and eliminate hot and cold spots throughout your home. These carbon filtered wall mount units are ideal for cooling large spaces and can deliver extreme energy efficiency.
  • Series FH
    Wall Mount Indoor Ductless Unit


  • Indoor, Ductless Unit
  • EF Models:

    When you need comfort and efficiency that knows no bounds, the EF designer series wall mount model is right for you. Boasting remote access and control along with i-see technology and quiet operation, these models can deliver the air quality and comfort you’re looking for. Available in multi-port (2 or more indoor unit) applications only. 


  • EF2 Models:

    A step up from the EF model, these units still deliver maximum quality and efficiency, but also offer a modern style with sleek lines and multiple color choices. Available in multi-port (2 or more indoor unit) applications only. 

  • Ductless Indoor Unit


Ceiling Mount Styles:

When your space doesn’t allow for a wall mount unit, ceiling mount ductless systems can provide the optimal control you want with the space-saving qualities you need. These units deliver extreme efficiency and control just like their wall mounted counterparts and can be installed in just about any ceiling.

  • Ceiling Mount Ductless System
  • PLA Model:

    These ceiling mount heating and cooling units offer 3-speed individual control for superior comfort. These models also deliver remote control options such as tablet and smartphone control.
  • SLZ Model:

    With remote control capabilities and energy star rated efficiency, these models maximize energy savings. These ductless systems also offer quiet operation and individually adjustable units for maximum comfort and control.
  • Model SLZ
    Ceiling Installed Ductless System


  • Model MLZ Ductless Ceiling Mount
  • MLZ Model:

    This 5-speed model offers quiet operation and energy star rated energy efficiency for maximum energy savings. Each individually controlled unit comes equipped with i-see technology to eliminate uncomfortable hot or cold spots in your home.

Floor Mount Ductless Units

Floor mount systems provide uniform air flow throughout your home, at a convenient, reachable height. These systems deliver individual control along with energy efficiency and quiet operation for superior heating and cooling performance.

  • Model KJ
    KJ Floor Mount Ductless System
  • KJ Model:

    This ductless unit delivers a multi-part filtration system that eliminates allergens, bacteria, and viruses from your air for higher quality, healthier breathing. These units are extremely quiet and are equipped with an auto adjustable compressor speed for superior efficiency, even in heating down to -13℉.

Ductless System Controls

Your ductless system can be controlled in multiple ways including directly at the unit, through an on-site remote control, or by downloading a control app on your tablet, smartphone, or another device. Each method offers complete control of your system, providing maximum efficiency.

  • Eco-Control for Ultimate Efficiency
  • HM Controller:

    This controller operates all units at the touch of a button and boasts full control of each unit.
  • Smartphone Zones:

    Many units can be controlled through a downloaded app for the ultimate control, no matter where you are. The control app allows full monitoring and control of your system for superior efficiency and comfort.

  • Downloadable App Control

No matter what type of ductless HVAC system you’re looking for, the Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air team can help. Our experienced professionals are able to provide the information you need to make the right choice for your home and deliver flawless installation for a system that you love.

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