Santa Cruz Ductless Mini Split AC Repair & Installation Services

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Ductless Mini Split Ac Services in Santa Cruz, CA

When you live in warmer climates like we do in California, air conditioning is more of an investment than a simple luxury to stay comfortable. If you plan on staying in this area for some time, you may want to consider upgrading your current system to a ductless mini split AC system. This type of air conditioning system will add value to your home, and provide you with benefits not seen with a window unit, or even a standard central air system.

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Basic Premise of a Ductless Mini Split AC System

The basic idea behind a ductless mini split AC system is that it works without using traditional ductwork. A standard system send the cooled air through your air ducts and into the rooms of your house, but a ductless mini split AC system utilizes an outdoor unit that send cooled air through small pipes to air handlers inside the house. The air handlers can be controlled by the homeowner using remote controls.

Why a Ductless Mini Split AC System?

Using the remote controls, you can cool some rooms but not others, making a ductless mini split AC system unique. With a standard system, the AC is on or it’s not on, but a ductless mini split AC system allows you to exercise ultimate control. This works wonderfully for family members with varying tastes when it comes to keeping cool. Most of us have heard the bickering between one family member that wants it cooler in the house and one who is freezing. The ductless mini split AC system enables you to please everyone.

The ability to pick and choose which rooms get cooled air will also help you save money on your energy bills. Lower bills, happy family members and greater overall convenience are great reasons to give a ductless mini split AC system a try. As more homebuilders build new homes and subdivisions without the traditional ductwork, these AC systems will likely continue to grow in popularity.

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