Santa Cruz Heating Installation & Replacement

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Even the highest quality, most efficient heating systems are going to break down and require replacement, eventually. A good furnace can last for up to 15 years or more, but it will need replacing eventually. Not many homeowners look forward to the day they need to replace their heating system, but sometimes changing to a more modern heater will actually save money in the long run.

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Common Reasons for Heater Replacement

Your furnace and heating system isn’t one of those things that add to the aesthetic value of the house, so not too many homeowners are going to have it replaced as part of the design element of the home. Replacement heating systems are usually part of the equation because the current one is no longer functioning efficiently. It may have broken down completely due to age, or one component may be broken and the repair cost is better added to a new unit.

Inefficient heaters usually result in elevated heating bills, which is another reason homeowners consider investing in a replacement. After the initial cost, lower bills mean savings over the life of the newer, more efficient heating system.

Is DIY Heater Installation Possible?

Many homeowners have attempted the DIY furnace and heating system installation, and while some have managed to make it through unscathed, many more have only made the situation worse. Professional installers are familiar with specific brand names and manufacturers, they know the local bylaws and building codes inside out and they have the experience to recognize issues that need attention during the installation process. There’s really no substitute for experience, and following a manual or book will never yield the same kind of results.

Save Money on Your Heating Bill

As mentioned above, replacing your heating system with a new, energy efficient model once the old one has served its purpose will end up saving you money right away. Another way to save money is to extend the life of your furnace and avoid replacement through regular maintenance checks. If you have a technician come out and perform maintenance prior to the heating season each year, you’ll face fewer repairs and it will last longer.

If you’ve ever been the victim of shoddy heater installation or replacement, you know how frustrating and costly it can be to make it right. Get it done right the first time by calling Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air. We will send out an experienced technician to assess the situation and provide the guaranteed solution you need.