When pipes are clogged there is the right tool for each type of situation. High Pressure Hydro Jetting might be just what you need.

hydrojetting santa cruz drain cleaning grease dirt leaves storm drain

If you have cooking grease, rocks, soap scum from a laundry room, grease from a dishwasher or grease in commercial kitchen floor sinks then High Pressure Hydro Jetting is the right solution for your clogged pipes. Because these situation all represent the accumulation of material build up over time they do not respond well to the traditional rooter type of cleaning. Traditional rootering (with a cable and cutting blade) pipes in these conditions may provide temporary relief but will NOT completely remove the material that has built up. Our hydrojetting and drain maintenance program can help prevent build up and clogged drains | Click here to learn more...

A high pressure jetter cleans your pipes using up to 4,000 psi of water pressure and a flow rate of between 5-20 gallons a minute to break the clogged material free and wash it out the ends of the pipe and in to the sewer system. If there is a belly (low spot where water and materials hydrojet sewer line clean grease from draincollect in your plumbing) in the pipe, if there is sewage or paper build up on the inside of your pipe (especially at corners or junctions) then high pressure hydro jetting will clean out that build up when traditional rootering just does not work.

If you are a restaurant owner or manager, a laundry owner or manager, or even a homeowner who suspects that grease, dirt, rocks, soap scum, sewage build-up, or paper accumulation are the problem with your pipes then please give us a call to schedule a visit.

Hydro Jetting Services Include

  • Residential Home Jetting
  • Restaurants & Bar Jetting
  • Hotel Jetting
  • Apartments & Condo Jetting
  • Commercial Property & Shopping Center Jetting
  • Removal of grease, dirt, leaves, roots, and other debris from ABS, cast iron, galvanized, PVC, and clay drain lines.
  • Capable of jetting 1.5" up to 8" sewer and storm drain lines