pipe insulation

Insulating your water pipes should be a top priority for any home owner. It is an inexpensive and quick process, yet a majority of people still don’t do it. Insulating your water pipes aids in the prevention of pipe bursting during cold months, and heat loss when pumping hot water to your kitchen or bathroom. Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you need to consider pipe insulation:


1) Saves you money


Your water heaters spends a lot of energy to warm up the water you use for your child’s bath or morning shower. Insulating the pipes keeps the heat from escaping as it travels to the rest of your house. One sign of poor insulation is a buildup of condensation on both your hot and cold water pipes. Insulating your pipes one time can save you hundreds of dollars in the future.


2) Protects you from the hassle of freezing pipes


Most unfinished basements have uninsulated walls, meaning that your pipes are susceptible to freezing. Cold temperatures can crack the pipe as water expands, possibly costing hundreds of dollars to the homeowner. But warmer climates are vulnerable too. Humid temperatures can cause condensation on the outside of the pipe, which can freeze with even the slightest drop in temperature. A fully taped and insulated pipe won’t condense moisture on its surface.


3) Stop losing heat from your home

The colder the pipes in your home, the more likely they are to absorb heat. This is especially critical if you are trying to warm up your basement. While the effects are minimal, lost energy can add up over years of poor insulation. On the other hand, pipe insulation is so cheap and easy, that it is worth the discussion.


4) Condensation affects more than just pipes

Insulating your pipes can help prevent more than just pipe damage, but home damage too. Dripping water and excess moisture can deteriorate basement concrete, framing, and valuables. Like most plumbing problems, the damage takes years to build, but when it does, can require expensive repairs to your home. Insulating your pipes offers the peace of mind of knowing that your home is working as it should.


5) Bellows is here for you!

Don’t know where to begin? Luckily our specialized technicians at Bellows know exactly what your home needs to operate at its maximum efficiency all while saving you money! Our professionals will visit your home, inspect the current operation of your pipes, and provide valuable insight on your plumbing and piping.


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