Prevent a Burst Pipe in Your Home

As a general rule, you shouldn't have to worry too much about freezing or bursting pipes unless winter weather knocks out your power and makes heating your home impossible.

Santa Cruz, CA Burst Pipe Prevention ServicesIf, however, you do lose power or fear your pipes may freeze, there are precautions you can take to try and avoid a freeze until power is restored.

You should also implement these precautions in very cold weather if you have any plumbing fixtures and pipes located on the exterior walls of your home, since these walls may be colder than other parts of the building.

Check Your Thermostat

In order to keep your home's pipes from freezing, keep your thermostat set at a minimum of 55 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.

If your home uses a programmable thermostat to drop the temperature below 55 overnight or when no one is there, turn this program off so that a constant temperature can be maintained.

If the power does go out, keeping your pipes warm will be easier if they're not cold to begin with. Maintaining warmer temperatures may cause a slightly elevated heating bill, but that will be offset by your lack of an emergency plumbing bill.

Run the Water

Keeping water flowing through your pipes - even in very small amounts - is often enough to prevent freezing. Simply open the taps on all of your sinks and bathtubs, allowing water to trickle out of them.

This tiny stream of water shouldn't noticeably affect your water bill if used for only a few hours and could save you hundreds in plumbing repairs.

Open the Cupboards

If you need to keep pipes warm in your home during a power outage, open all of the cupboards and cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom that contain plumbing.

The heated air circulating inside your home may be enough to prevent freezing, but only if it is able to reach the pipes to warm them. Remember to move any chemicals or cleaners you have stored in these cabinets if you have children or pets who could get into them while the cupboard doors are open.

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