Energy Efficient Features of a Heat Pump

A heat pump can be a perfect way to heat and cool your Soquel premises. The system allows you to relax in a balanced environment, so it’s necessary to ensure it is maintained to offer maximum efficiency.

Just like any other appliance, a heat pump may malfunction and lose its functionality when left to run without taking to consideration features that can help to improve its efficiency.

This could also mean more energy consumption as the heat pump in your Soquel home, tries to reach the required thrust. Here are features you can have a look at to improve on the functionality of a heat pump and save on energy.

Soquel, CA Heat-Pump-ServicesAutomatic De-icing

During the winter, there is always a lot of frost build up and this could enter the heat pump’s exchanger coils.

This prevents the device from working as expected and hinders production of the required heat, thereby making its relevance minimal. Heat loss could mean energy wastage because the pump does not deliver as required.

This can be prevented through the installation of the automatic de-icing feature. The feature helps to clean the exchanger coils of any frost that lands on them.

This keeps the efficiency of the pump at the required levels and helps to maintain functionality.

Restart Delay

When all rooms within a house have received enough heat, you may consider switching the system off to save on energy. However, the heat pump may automatically restart after a short while, something that could inconvenience you because no more heat is needed, and energy would be wasted.

The restart delay feature helps to delay the time between when the pump is switched off and when it automatically restarts. This means more energy is saved and the heat pump is put on only when needed.

Sleep Mode

The sleep mode works by adjusting temperatures in every step to ensure the pump does not fail. This helps the system to work less hard and to minimize on the energy that could be used to force its propulsion as this happens seamlessly.

It is normally meant to be used when you are asleep so you may not need to wake up in the middle of the night to make adjustments.

You may also consider adding plasma filters, which help to sieve dust, bacteria and dirt that could stall the system. This means efficiency is maintained and no energy is wasted while trying to turn the coils because they can move freely.

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