Benefits of Radiant Heating

For many years the most common type of heating unit found in buildings was a furnace. A furnace forces warm air throughout the San Rafael home to slowly heat it throughout. Today, radiant heating is quickly gaining popularity.

Marin, CA Radiant Heating ServicesHow Does Radiant Heating Differ From Other Systems?

Conduction, radiation, and convection are the three main ways that heat is able to radiate through a home. One of the main ways that radiant heating differs from other types of heating units is that a blower or fan is not necessary for the warmth to be carried throughout the home.

With radiant heating, hot water raises the temperature of radiator, baseboards, or floorboard heaters within the home to evenly distribute heat.

Benefits Of Radiant Heating

Radiant floor heating comes with many added benefits. One of the first benefits associated with radiant floor heating is thermal comfort.

Buildings that are equipped with radiant floor heating offer a naturally comfortable thermal warmth level for humans because the room is slowly warmed by warming the floor area which warms the rest of the air within the room.

Another great benefit of radiant heating is it has the ability to deliver complete comfortable warmth throughout a building without any noise. Traditional heating units are typically associated with some type of noise, usually coming from the fan or blower which distributes warm air.

Since radiant heat uses water within the floor area to warm a room without a fan or blower, there is no associated noise with this type of heating.

Traditional forced air type heating units can be associated with the distribution of dust and dirt throughout an area. Radiant heating systems are a completely clean and sanitary way to distribute heat throughout a building. Radiant heating units have no fan or blower to force dust and dirt throughout the home.

Why Choose Radiant Heating

Radiant heating systems are not only an incredibly comfortable way to heat a San Rafael home or building, they also come with many great benefits. Radiant heating makes the perfect type of heating unit when one is worried about noise, dirt, or simply overall comfort.

Traditional forced air heating units simply do not have these benefits to offer.

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