How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient This Spring

Soquel PlumberWhen it comes to making a home as energy efficient as possible, there are many ways to do so.

One of the best times to take a look around to see what changes can be made is when spring arrives. When everyone is finally finished digging out from snow and ice and is eager to get their homes in excellent shape.

To make sure they make the best possible changes, it's a good idea to use the services of a plumbing company to ensure any work done is handled by a trained professional.

Have Low-Flow Fixtures Installed

One of the best ways to make a home energy efficient is by having low-flow fixtures installed in your home. Low-flow toilets, shower heads and washing machines can cut water bills drastically, sometimes as much as 50 percent depending upon their use.

As an added bonus, they can work in conjunction with other energy efficient appliances to increase savings even more.

On-Demand Water Heaters

Plumbers everywhere have been busier than ever installing high-efficiency on-demand water heaters in homes across the country.

These water heaters are very easy for the pros to install, they are virtually maintenance-free, and also work well with other household appliances to help homeowners save money.

The major advantage of these heaters is they only fire when hot water is needed, which saves on fuel. They heat up very quickly and then stop burning just as quickly, making them not only convenient but efficient as well.

Replace Leaky Faucet Fixtures

One of the biggest problems plumbing companies find in homes is leaky faucets in kitchens and bathrooms. By having these fixtures replaced, a homeowner can save almost 30 percent on their average water bill each month.

Soquel Energy-EfficiencyMost of today's faucet fixtures are high-efficiency, meaning they are designed to automatically reduce the amount of water used each time.

Most older faucet fixtures also suffer from lime, rust and soap scum deposits that can also contribute to poor water flow.

By taking the time to have a trained plumbing professional evaluate your home's needs, it's quite possible to make a home very energy efficient when spring arrives.

Whether it's a new water heater, low-flow toilet or new fixtures on a kitchen sink, plumbing professionals can install and help maintain all these items to help a home become an even more pleasant place for everyone to be in spring, summer, fall and even winter.

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