Top 3 Fall Home Maintenance Disasters

Fall is on the way, but it brings with it cooler temperatures and more volatile weather. With the last few months ticking away before winter strikes, homeowners should be aware of all the potential problems with their Soquel homes and the steps that need to be taken in order to protect against wear and tear.

Here are the top three home maintenance disasters that take place during the fall, and how they can be prevented.

Soquel, CA fall_home_maintenance1. Burst and Broken Gutters

Far too many people overlook their gutters when going through their annual checklist. However, gutters have to be cleaned out (sometimes using specialized equipment). Gutter spikes have to be repaired.

Holes have to be patched up. If any of these maintenance needs are overlooked, gutters cannot function properly and put the Soquel home at risk of damage from water or mold growth.

This takes on special significance during fall, when the leaves begin to fall from trees and build up in gutters.

2. Failure to Inspect the Chimney

Most homeowners will want to make use of their chimney in the winter months, but this means it has to be inspected annually. Failure to do so can result in the buildup of soot, dust, and other fire hazards that put the home at risk. A professional should be called in at least once per year to inspect the chimney and ensure it is safe to use.

If the chimney is used more often, such as every day during the winter, then it should likely be inspected twice a year. Should any problems arise, such as visible holes in the chimney, call a professional immediately to have them addressed.

3. Failure to Inspect Doors and Windows

Energy costs have been on the rise in recent years. Each year, before the winter months arrive, the caulking and insulation around doors and windows should be inspected and maintained if necessary.

This helps to keep warm air inside and cool air outside. This is particularly important in older homes, as failing to do this can make winter absolutely miserable and put interior plumbing at risk because of the cold.

Consulting a professional at least once per year is a good idea, and it helps to ensure your home is protected against anything nature throws at you. Routine maintenance helps maintain your comfort of living without the need for costly repairs.

If it can go wrong, it will – unless you keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Call Bellows Plumbing, Heating, & Air at (831) 219-8644 to get your Soquel, CA home inspected.