Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

Whether you're doing a complete overhaul remodel of the kitchen space, or changing a few things to give it a fresh, clean look. These are some great tips, suggestions and ideas for the new kitchen remodel.

The Kitchen Triangle

Soquel, CA Kitchen-Remodeling-ServicesThis is the holy grail of the kitchen. The sink, stove and refrigerator should be in a triangle shape with each element an equal distance from the other.

An island can be a great way to add a point to that triangle in a way that makes sense for the space.

When you're in the planning stages, consider whether a plumber can move your Soquel refrigerator's water line or add an island for a sink in the middle of the kitchen.

It's a great way to create a focal point in the kitchen too. While you're doing dishes, you can chat with your family without being stuck with your back to the room.

New Faucets and Drawer Pulls

As any real estate agent knows, finishes are important in a home. Whether you're remodeling to sell now or later, you need to consider the faucets and drawer pulls that are in the kitchen.

You could change the drawer pulls and faucets in the kitchen without doing a major remodel, and it would have a huge impact on the space too.

Appliances in Your Kitchen

If you buy a refrigerator with stainless steel fronts, the rest of the space should have stainless steel including the other appliances. The stove, dishwasher, garbage disposal and the refrigerator should have the same finishes to make the kitchen uniform and clean.

Eventually, you will probably sell your Soquel home, and you want it to be appealing. The kitchen impacts the value of the home.

Replacing Cabinets

Whether you buy new cabinets or paint the existing cabinets, you should never overlook the cabinets when you're doing a remodel. It can create the largest impact compared to any other element.

Everyone wants more storage space in the kitchen to stay organized. If you decide to add a kitchen island with a sink to the space, consider one with storage under it.


Behind the stove or the sink, you'll have the backsplash. This is where you can add spice to the design without sacrificing the design style. Many people leave the backsplash out of the design when it can have the most impact.

It's a mistake to forget this little space behind the stove and sink when you're remodeling. While you never want to go too trendy in the kitchen, the beautiful trend of glass in the kitchen will be around for years.

A professional plumber can provide valuable information and quotes on the prices of your design ideas for remodeling the kitchen.

Your kitchen is a central part of your family life, so make it beautiful. Call Bellows Plumbing, Heating, & Air at (831) 219-8644 to transform the look of your Soquel, CA home with unique kitchen remodeling ideas.