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Hose Bib Replacement
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In a few places on the exterior of your house, you should have faucet attachments known as hose bibs. 

The hose bibs are meant to endure for a long time, but they cannot endure forever, so at some point, they’ll become less responsive, and harder to operate. It’s important to ensure your hose bibs remain functional at all times, both for conserving water as well as easy access at home. 

How to Determine if Your Hose Bibb Needs Repair or Replacement

Unsure if your hose bibb requires expert repair or replacement? Follow these steps to carefully examine it and spot any issues:

Start with an exterior inspection. Examine the area around the faucet meticulously for any leakage signs, not only on the fixture itself but also on the surrounding walls and ground. Perform this check with the water both on and off.

Move to an interior inspection. The greatest risk from a faulty hose bibb is potential damage to your home’s interior. Inspect the walls near the hose bibb, either in your basement, if applicable, or on the ground floor and/or crawl space if you don’t have a basement, for any signs of water damage.

Conduct a pressure test. Cover the spigot with your thumb and turn the water on. If the pressure easily moves your thumb, everything is likely fine. However, if you can stop the water flow with your thumb, it suggests there might be a leak allowing water to escape through another path.

As soon as the hose bib starts showing you problems, the best solution is to replace it quickly. Get a hose bib replacement in Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma or the nearby communities that you are looking for now by contacting us at 877-477-7151!

Is Hose Bib Replacement Hard?

If you have an old or damaged fixture, you’ll find that replacing a hose bib is a fairly complicated process. They typically attach to copper or galvanized piping in the wall, and occasionally they are even soldered on! We understand that working carefully is the singular way to ensure the connected plumbing remains fully functioning and intact. Removal is the hardest part of the procedure, though, so installing the new hose bib is a cinch! Depending on the variety of installation you now have, the mortar surrounding the hose bib might have started to come apart. The smallest amount of mortar damage can lead to leaking in your walls if not fixed, so we make certain to address that as well. Many times, we are faced with broken hose bibs because of missing mortar around the pipes. When we repair your hose bib, we will also attend to the missing mortar with matching materials. The bay area depends on Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air for fast as well as affordable hose bib replacement in Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma.

Hose Bib Repair Experts

To request more information, or to speak with an expert about the best plumbing solution for your requirements, contact us now at 831-244-6718! Our team of professionals has worked on all different types of projects, and we would be glad to offer you hose bib replacement in Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma or the surrounding areas. Actually, if you find yourself needing any services from repiping to remodeling, our crew has the skills you need! As plumbing experts, we look forward to supplying you with top quality services all around your house.