Plumbing Fixtures Installation and Repair

We Can Install and Repair Any Type of Plumbing Fixtures in Your Home.

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Faucets, fixtures, and sinks are among those rare elements in a house that add a lot of character aesthetically and provide a valuable function at the same time. The design aspect is always a personal thing, but if they aren’t installed and maintained correctly, you can have a costly mess on your hands.

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Reasons for Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure isn’t a dangerous situation or a plumbing emergency, but it can certainly make it difficult for you and your family to complete daily activities like having a shower or washing dishes. There are a handful of different causes of low water pressure and damaged or aging faucets are one of them. If the washers or gaskets have worn down and water is leaking around the faucet, the pressure won’t be as strong as it should be. Faucet repair or replacement will get the water pressure back to normal. Get repairs and installations for plumbing fixtures in Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma today.

Signs & Causes of Kitchen Clogs

Signs of a Kitchen Clog

A slow flowing drain – kitchen clogs very quickly cause slow drainage in the kitchen sink, be aware if the water seems to be slowly draining down the pipes.

Water backup – If the dishwasher is running and the sink begins to fill up with water, it could be the sign of a kitchen clog.

If these signs are persistent be sure to call in professional help to get that kitchen clog taken care of.

Causes of a Kitchen Clog

Cooking Grease – Putting grease down the kitchen can cause build up in the pipes that eventually leads to kitchen clogs.

Food Particles – Items like rice and flour that expand in water just accelerate the build up in pipes and perpetuate kitchen clogs.

Switching Styles

Kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks add a lot of design quality to your home, and it’s not unusual to have them changed before their lifespan is up. If you decide to replace your sinks with new ones as part of a remodel or renovation, make sure you call in a professional so you know it is done correctly. Your new sinks won’t be as exciting if water is leaking around them and causing water damage and mold growth in your home. Get the plumbing fixtures in Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma that you have always wanted.

Risks of a Leaky Faucet

Not many homeowners would consider a leaky faucet very threatening, but if it is left unattended, it has the potential to cause a lot of damage and raise your water bills. Even a small leak can cause wood to rot, encourage mold growth and add quite a bit of money to your water bills. Take action when you notice any type of water leak, including an innocent-looking leaky faucet. The repair may only take a minute, but it will save you from big headaches down the road. Adding new faucets, sinks, and plumbing fixtures in Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma to your home can really change the dynamic of your kitchen or bathroom. When you call Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air we will set up an appointment and someone will come out to discuss all your options with you. If your current faucets, sinks or fixtures need repairs, just let us know and we will send a technician to solve the problem.