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Hot water is a luxury that most people have grown accustomed to, and would never be willing to give up. Most homeowners are familiar with the hot water tank system that supplies hot water to your house, but there is a more modern way that hot water is supplied, which is by a tankless water heater. See what others in your area think of our water heater service with our testimonials page

Navien Tankless System Options

Navien NPE-S Standard Model:

With the NPE-Standard models from Navien, get on demand hot water when you need it! This system can be hung indoors and outdoors on the wall. With ultra condensing efficiency and dual stainless steel heat exchanges, you can anticipate quality performance, efficiency and low NOx emissions. For more on Navien click here. 

Available Models:
  • NPE-150S
  • NPE-180S
  • NPE-210S
  • NPE-240S

Navien NPE-A Advanced Model:

The Advanced system is the next level in tankless water heater systems from Navien. This indoor or outdoor wall hung system has ultra condensing efficiency and dual heat exchanges to provide efficient, on-demand hot water for your home. But, what’s best of all is Navien’s ComfortFlow Technology which incorporates a recirculation pump and buffer tank. Navien ComfortFlow® is the first and only system that incorporates a built-in insulated buffer tank and recirculation pump. The buffer tank eliminates the “cold water sandwich” effect and issues of minimum flow rates commonly found in other tankless water heaters. The recirculation pump saves on water bills by reducing the time to get hot water. When activated, the optional ComfortFlow mode results in additional energy usage.

Available Models:

  • NPE-180A
  • NPE-210A
  • NPE-240A

For more information on Navien tankless click here


Tankless Water Heater 101

When you use a hot water tank, the tank is full of hot water, waiting for you to turn on a faucet or use a dishwasher and put it to use. With a tankless water heater, there is no tank and the water is heated by a heater that is tied in directly with the plumbing system. Another name for a tankless system is an “on demand” system because hot water is supplied directly to each specific faucet whenever you need it. Tankless water heaters are available to run on gas, electricity and even solar energy. Give us a call if you are interested in a tankless water heater installation in Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma.

Reasons to go Tankless Water Heating

Some of the benefits of a tankless water heater include never running out of hot water when you need it, saving space by not having a bulky water tank anywhere in the house, and saving money because you don’t have to pay for keeping the water hot in the tank. It is only heated when you need it.

  1. Endless Hot Water – It’s true! A tankless water heater will provide endless hot water so long as you have water, gas, and electrical power. This is a real benefit if you ever run out of hot water: large families, holiday visitor surge, jacuzzi tubs, and more. Your tankless water heater will provide endless hot water up to its set gallons per minute flow rate.  Never run out of hot water again!
  2. Small Space & Flexible Installation Locations – A lot of times the choice to go tankless is centered around freeing up interior space. Tankless water heaters offer installation flexibility with their smaller size and exterior installation capability. From a sizing standpoint, the standard tankless water heater is roughly the size of a roller suit case and will be wall mounted. This frees up space under the unit, but best of all a lot of homes can accommodate exterior installation. Call us to have an assessment of your home’s hot water system and whether we can free up an interior hall or kitchen closet.
  3. Eco-Friendly Water Heating – Tankless water heater is truely the green choice for the fact that you’re not using any energy unless hot water is called for.
  4. Instant Hot Water Recirculation – Modern tankless water heaters off fantastic hot water recirculation. A lot of people confuse tankless water heaters with “instant hot water”. The facts are a tankless water heater will provide hot water to the faucet or fixture at the same rate of your tank water heater. If it takes 20 seconds to get hot water with your tank water heater, then it will take 20+ seconds to get hot water with a tankless. What creates instant hot water to the fixture is the addition of a recirculation pump. Traditionally hot water recirculation was best suited for tank water heaters. But, now a lot of tankless water heaters, such as Navien, come with pre-installed recirculation pumps. With the addition of a dedicated warm water loop or temperature valve you can have the comfort and convenience of instant hot water.

Professional Installation Equals Peace of Mind

Having a professional, reputable company install your tankless water heater ensures it is done correctly, according to building codes and the manufacturer’s instructions. If the goal is to have hot water whenever you want it without having to worry about running out, the only true peace of mind comes with calling in a professional to do the job for you.

Many homeowners that try a tankless water heater say they would never go back to an old tank setup. If you’d like to give a tankless water heater installation in Santa Cruz, Marin, Santa Clara, and Sonoma a try, or if your system isn’t acting how you’d like, call Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air at 831-244-6718 and we will send someone out to provide you with a speedy solution.