5 Ways To Combat The Spread Of The Flu In Your Home

Don’t Share Items

San Rafael, CA Sanitation-StrategiesSharing personal items is a surefire way to spread the flu, so it’s best to keep your items to yourself. Items like mascara, lipstick, toothbrushes, and rags can all touch certain parts of the body that can easily contain the flu virus.

If you keep your items to yourself and don’t share them or use other’s items, then you’re less likely to spread or catch the flu in your San Rafael home.

Keep Your HVAC Unit Running

Your HVAC unit can be the best way to keep your home flu virus free, but only if it’s used correctly. Keeping air flowing throughout the home will help to ventilate it as well as keeping the germs and bacteria that can end up causing the flu virus out of the home.

If the HVAC unit is running, then more than likely it’s warm air if it’s winter, so the HVAC unit can still help to keep the flu virus at bay.

Don’t Sneeze Into The Air

Sneezing is inevitable at times, but it’s also a good way to spread the flu. If you have to sneeze, make sure to cover your mouth so that none of the saliva spreads around the room.

Also, teach others in the home to cover their sneeze as well, especially if they are already sick with the flu. If a towel or napkin is used over the mouth when sneezing, then this is a great way to prevent the possibility of spreading the flu.

Make Sure The HVAC Unit Has A New Filter

The HVAC unit will need a new filter, especially if the unit hasn’t been used for a while. Some HVAC units will sit down for several months without use, and when it’s turned back on, a new filter should be added.

Having a new filter means that the airflow will be better in the home as well as allowing the filter to catch dust and other particles in the air as well as germs and bacteria.

Repair The HVAC Unit

If an HVAC unit isn’t working properly, then it’s going to need repair, especially since a running HVAC unit is a great way to help prevent the flu from spreading around the San Rafael home.

Get an HVAC maintenance or repair person out to your home as soon as possible to get your unit up and running again.

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