sewer main line

Get professional main sewer line repair and replacement from the best in the business in Santa Cruz. Don’t procrastinate if you have even the slightest worry about a sewer line problem. Trust us. Give us a call now and we can send an experienced technician to assess and solve your main sewer line situation before it gets out of control.

You’re heading home from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and instead of scents of salt and sand, the odor of sewage and sludge prevail. Main sewer lines are one of those things most people know about, but don’t want to understand the gritty details. Let a professional main line plumber in Santa Cruz help solve the dirtiest problems you’ll ever have. Don’t worry about main line repair, Bellows Heating, Plumbing & Air can take care of that. But, we will need you to know when to call us.

Though you may not want to know the content of what goes into sewer lines, learn symptoms and causes of what’s breaking those main line sewers before any costly damages occur.



Pipes, like most things in life, get old. The wear and tear over time erodes the metals of the main sewer line. A professional plumber, like our service technicians at Bellows Heating, Plumbing & Air, can recommend whether a pipe needs some simple relining or a full replacement.



When a sewer line requires repair or replacement, it’s often because of a serious clog in one or several places in the line. Some ways to recognize a sewer line clog is sewage coming back through the drains in your home. Less obvious signs include gurgling noises, foul odors, and damp, musty earth where the pipes are.


Tree Roots

Those evergreen trees in your yard crave the source of water and fertilization that a sewer line can often provide. Mother nature can grow around or through a pipe, causing it to rupture. Call a main line plumber from Bellows Heating, Plumbing & Air to remove the root and reinforce the pipes.


Ground Movement

When pipes aren’t installed properly, a small disruption in ground movement can cause the sewer line to break. Your Californian mind might be thinking of a full-on earthquake, but even simple nearby construction can cause an emergency call for a sewer line repair technician.


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