Ideal Thermostat Settings For Every Season

Soquel AirIdeal thermostat settings help homeowners not only have the ultimate home comfort, but also help keep the monthly energy bill within reason.

With today's economy many homeowners are becoming more concerned about energy bills along with home comfort, but if the thermostat is set to the ideal setting, energy bills can become a worry of the past.

Spring And Summer Thermostat Settings

In the Spring and Summer, the most ideal thermostat setting for a home's cooling unit is around 78 degrees Fahrenheit when the homeowner is home.

If the home is going to be unoccupied for longer than four hours, it is recommended to set the cooling system to only turn on if the temperature within the home reaches 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

For every degree above 78 degrees Fahrenheit that the thermostat is set for eight hours per day it can save around 8% off the monthly energy bill.

Fall And Winter Thermostat Settings

During the Fall and Winter months of the year the most ideal thermostat setting for a home's heating unit is around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If the home is going to be unoccupied for over four hours, it is recommended to turn the thermostat down to approximately 53 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Turning the thermostat down by approximately 12-15 degrees for eight hours per day can save a homeowner around 10% on the month's energy bill.

Soquel Thermostat-SettingsWhy Adjust The Thermostat?

Not only can adjusting the thermostat save on a home's energy bill, it can also allow the home to be the most ideal temperature when occupied, but can be adjusted when unoccupied.

Adjusting the thermostat depending upon if the home will be occupied or not helps the homeowner keep the energy bill within reason while also keeping the home comfortable.

If the home stayed the most comfortable temperature throughout the day every single day, the home's energy bill could easily skyrocket.

Ideal thermostat settings change with the seasons. During the Spring and Summer months, turning the thermostat up a bit can help save on the energy bill, while during the Fall and Winter months, turning the thermostat down can help save. Following these easy suggestions can help save between 8-10% each month on the home's energy bill.

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