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Plumbing and Water Heater Services in San Jose, CA

For most homeowners, as long as their plumbing system is working without incident, they rarely give it another thought. It’s when pipes start leaking or drains are clogged that the subject of plumbing is brought out into the open. Having access to an experienced, reputable plumber during these times makes the process a lot easier and keeps the damage to a minimum.

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Plumbing Emergency Preparation Checklist

Since the nature of a plumbing emergency is to catch you off guard, there’s only so much you can do to prepare for one. Most plumbing emergencies include water pouring into your home or on your property from burst pipes or sewer lines, so making note of where all the water shut off valves are in your house is a good start. If you know exactly where to go to shut off the supply, you’ll be able to minimize damages. Keeping the number of a reliable emergency plumber close by is another way to prepare yourself in the event of an emergency. If you have the number, there’s no need to waste valuable time searching when help could be on the way.

Risks of DIY Garbage Disposal Repair

Even though a garbage disposal seems rather straightforward in its application, there are many different components working together to make it all happen. When your disposal stops working properly, it may be tempting to break out the troubleshooting guide, but be careful with how far you take it. Any appliance that uses both electricity and water, and has sharp blades designed to pulverize food into nothing has the potential to be dangerous. If your garbage disposal has stopped working, or isn’t running as efficiently as before, call in a professional to provide a safe solution and get it running again.

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