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If you are lucky enough to find a service provider that excels in providing plumbing, heating and cooling services, you have a relationship worth keeping. In the best cases, you’ll have at least two service providers for these systems, but having one that knows your home and your history of service in all three areas makes it that much easier to provide exceptional service in the future. Certain heating systems even rely on the plumbing system in order to function correctly, so having one service provider makes sense.

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The Benefits of Efficient Home Heating & Cooling

Keeping your home’s heating and cooling systems well-maintained and efficient provides a handful of important benefits for every homeowner. First, a highly efficient system reduces the likelihood of needing repairs when the furnace or AC is in heavy use. Second, an efficient heating and cooling system will help to lower your energy bills, because it won’t have to work as hard to get the warm or cool air throughout your house. Third, efficiency in your furnace or AC will help them to last longer, delaying the need for replacement. A regular maintenance schedule and changing filters on time are two keys to continued efficiency.

Risks of Serious Plumbing Issues In Your Home

Serious plumbing trouble like burst pipes, clogged drains and hidden leaks that go on for days or weeks, can cause massive amounts of water damage to your house. When water gets into places it shouldn’t be, the result may be rotting wood, bacteria, parasites and mold growth. Structural damage to your home requires costly repairs and cleanup and the possibility of injury and mold, bacteria and parasites can cause serious health problems.

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