Santa Cruz Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation Services

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Bathroom Remodeling Renovation Services in Santa Cruz, CA

When the time comes to do home renovations, at least one of the bathrooms in the house is usually on the agenda. Sometimes, a bathroom remodel is done out of necessity because of flooding or mold problems, but a lot of time it’s for aesthetic reasons. Bathrooms seem to become outdated relatively quickly, and nothing will add a burst of energy to your home more than getting a new tub, shower or sinks and possibly even changing their locations in the existing bathroom.

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Laying the Framework

If you plan to keep the fixtures in your new bathroom in their current locations, you may be able to leave the pipes and plumbing elements where they are. However, if you want to change things around, you’ll need to have a licensed plumber come in and lay down the new pipes, tying them into the existing plumbing system. If your bathroom hasn’t been updated for decades, you’ll want a plumber to look and possibly replace piping whether the fixtures are being moved or not.

Shifting Sense of Style

When you embark on a bathroom renovation, your designer and plumber should be working together to make sure the style and practical elements are in line with one another. People’s style tastes change, and updating your bathroom is great, but if the design element doesn’t let your toilet or shower function effectively, it’s not going to work. Most plumbers are highly skilled at accommodating a designer’s requests, so don’t be shy to ask if your vision is possible.

What Parts Should I Leave to the Pros?

It’s not uncommon to find homeowners that want to do their bathroom remodel or renovation by themselves, and while this type of project can be a lot of fun, it has its share of risks. It is important that you follow the building code in your area when adding new fixtures or changing the plumbing configuration. It’s also important to install the fixtures correctly to avoid any leakage and subsequent mold growth. If the DIY approach excites you, stick to painting, laying floors and adding to the design concept and leave the plumbing to professionals.

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