Santa Cruz Burst Pipe Repair Services

Do you have a burst pipe? Call Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air today for fast, reliable burst pipe repair in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Marin County and throughout the SF Bay Area. Time is of the essence, so call immediately and we will send a technician to take control of the situation and provide the solution you need. Access our exclusive online coupons and specials to save on your next service. 

Burst Pipe Repair Services in Santa Cruz, CA

A burst pipe is often accompanied by a good deal of panic, as the homeowner scrambles to find the source and call for help. Depending on where the pipe has burst, you may be faced with water or even waste matter pouring into your living space or flooding your yard. No one ever anticipates a burst pipe, but if it happens, your focus quickly shifts to damage control, and calling in a plumber with the appropriate experience is critical.

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My Pipe Burst from What?

Extreme cold is one of the more common causes of a burst pipe, but since that’s not a factor in California, there are others that have the potential to make it happen. One cause that doesn’t get a lot of attention is tree roots. A tree’s roots instinctively grow toward water sources in order to feed the tree, even if that water happens to be inside pipes under your property. The problem with roots is that they can end up crowding the pipe, adding pressure until it actually bursts. If the pipe already has a small crack or hole, the roots can grow right inside and also cause a serious clog.

Why You Need to Call Right Away

Needless to say, a burst pipe is a plumbing emergency. There’s no time to poke around looking for the source of the leak or test other parts of your plumbing system. Fast action is paramount, and that means turning off your water supply and calling for help. Do yourself a huge favor and keep our number in your phone or on a notepad somewhere in your home. This way, if one of your pipes does burst, you won’t have to waste time looking for a phone number.

Preventative Steps May Help Reduce Damages

Prevention is always the best medicine, and that concept extends to your plumbing. You shouldn’t have to wrap your pipes to avoid the cold, but you can schedule regular inspections of your plumbing to stay on top of things. You can prevent every burst pipe, but you can make sure there aren’t any weak links and keep your plumber’s number close by.

A burst pipe is no laughing matter, and the damage can add up in a hurry. Call Bellows Plumbing, Heating & Air for burst pipes and any other plumbing services.