Water & Gas Leak Services in Santa Cruz

Bellows Plumbing, Heating, & Air is proficient in locating all types of above ground and underground water and gas pipe leaks. From pin hole leaks to cracks to ruptured lines, we'll find the problem. Don't waste your time digging aimlessly, let us pinpoint the leak and you save time and money. Call us today for immediate service in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Marin County and throughout the SF Bay Area. Looking to save? Access our exclusive online coupons and save on your next service! 

Set of gas and water pipes

All Type Pipe Repairs

We repair all pipe materials and in all the various pipe locations: walls, underground, attics, crawl space, basement, slabs, sidewalks, street, and more

Pipe repair types: copper, galvanized, PEX, SDR, ABS, PVC, CPVC, Polyethylene, TracPipe, WardFlex, and more

Water Line Leaks

The water lines in your home and yard are an incredibility important part of your plumbing system. If you have a potential leak it should be addressed immediately as the cost to repair damages and the potential health risks of contamination are too great to ignore. Water leaks show themselves in a variety of different ways; a damp spot on the slab, an abnormally high water bill, a hot spot under the floor, discoloration of the wall, or a wet spot in the yard. Whatever the signs may be we have the ability to locate and repair your water line leak. We stock a full line of emergency leak repair fittings and parts.

Gas Line Leaks

Gas leaks are no joking matter. If you smell gas turn off your meter. Call a professional at Bellows Plumbing, Heating, & Air, additionally your gas company can help turn off the gas. Once the gas is shut off Bellows Plumbing, Heating, & Air can utilize a variety of leak detection methods to determine the exact location of your gas leak. From simple gas line repairs to full repipe Bellows is here to help with your project.

For pipe replacement we utilize several different technologies such as trenchless no dig pipe bursting, underground pipe boring, and hydrosion drilling.

If you live in the Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, or Marin area and believe you have a gas or water leak, call us right away. We have a number of different methods for finding gas leaks.

In addition to repairing gas leaks, we also install new natural and propane gas lines. Most modern homes use galvanized metal gas piping. Typically the piping is black for gray in color. Both are still used today and considered to be a good material for gas piping. However, we also use a full line of the "newer" flexible metal and plastic gas piping.

The most common flexible gas piping is known as TracPipe or Warflex. Both of these brands of gas piping are made of stainless steel and use brass couplers to form all the fittings. The advantages to of flexible gas pipe is that they are somewhat earthquake resistant, resistant to corrosion, and use fewer fittings and connections than traditional gas piping. The one disadvantage is that both brands are not permitted for underground use. So for underground gas piping we use SDR gas pipe, also called Butt Pipe. Butt pipe is a yellow high-density plastic pipe that is held together with mechanical fittings or by fusing, melting, the pipe together to form fittings. Butt pipe is permitted for use in the ground and under the house.

Give us a call the next time you have a gas leak or need a new gas line run for a tankless water heater, stove, fireplace, hot tub, BBQ, or other gas appliance. Our service area includes Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Marin County. Call us now to discuss your needs.