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Water Softener System InstallationServices in Santa Cruz, CA

The role of a water softener is to turn hard water into soft water. Water softener systems are a form of water filtration and are valuable in places that have hard water. When properly installed, water softeners remove all the signs and effects of hard water from your household water supply.

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What Makes Hard Water Hard?

Hard water becomes “hard” when there are extra minerals like magnesium and calcium in the water supply. These dissolved minerals usually come from rock formations close to your home, and even though they aren’t dangerous to your health, they still have several unpleasant effects you’ll notice on a daily basis.

Effects of Hard Water in Your Home

Limescale is the most obvious sign that you have hard water in your home. Limescale refers to a white residue that’s left on cookware, cutlery, dishes and certain appliances in the house. Sometimes, after years of hard water the lime scale can collect on the bottom of cookware and prevent your food from cooking thoroughly. Scrubbing limescale off is challenging, and after a while it’s nearly impossible.

Hard water also makes it difficult to get your soap and shampoo to lather properly. Trying to lather soap with hard water is frustrating, and often leads to dull-looking hair and dry skin. This inability to lather also affects your laundry, and it can feel stiff and scratchy when it should feel soft. As you can see, none of these problems is dangerous, but they are an annoyance you don’t have to live with if you don’t want to.

DIY Won’t Always Work

On your quest to rid your home of hard water, you may stumble across many different home kits and DIY products, but be sure to take them all with a grain of salt. Some will work for a period of time, some won’t really work at all, but none of them measure up with a professionally installed water softening system from a reputable, experience plumbing company. If you’re serious about ridding your home of hard water, professional installation is the only way to go.

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