Sonoma Clean Power Rebates

REBATES UP TO $1,000 to replace your existing gas appliance and upgrade to electric!

Sonoma Clean Power offers incentives in the form of rebates to residential customers in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties who are improving the energy efficiency of their homes by purchasing and installing energy efficient appliances and equipment.

Through Sonoma Clean Power’s Advanced Energy Center, the rebates range from $500-$1700 per replaced gas appliances (*more for income-qualified households). Customers apply themselves, Bellows does not complete for them. — APPLY HERE — 

Rebate amounts for eligible appliances** are as follows:

  • Heat Pump Heating & Cooling Systems from Air Source Heat Pump: $1,000 
    • Ducted, central split DX 18 SEER or higher
    • Ductless, single one 20 SEER or higher
    • Ductless, multi-zone 17 SEER or higher
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters: $1,000
    • HPWH, UEF 3.43+ Wi-Fi Capable

Eligibility Requirements for SCP Rebate

• Installation address must be an SCP residential account.

• Project must be installed after May 13, 2022.

• Contractor performing install must have active Contractor State License Board number.

• Follow the steps below to apply for a rebate.

1. Select a contractor to install equipment and ensure work is properly permitted.

2. Verify equipment meets the qualifications for SCP rebate using the tables below.

3. Complete installation and receive a final building permit.

4. Compile required documentation detailed below.

5. Complete a “Claim Rebate” form online to initiate the rebate request.

6. If approved, a rebate check will be sent within 6-8 weeks of a complete and approved submission.


*Income-qualified applicants must meet the requirements defined by the program. These rebates may be changed by County of Sonoma or Mendocino without any notice to contractor, what is listed above is not guaranteed and will confirmed by Sonoma Clean Power.

**Rebates are only available for replacement appliances that meet the criteria listed on Sonoma Clean Power’s rebate website

***Customers must apply themselves, Bellows does not complete forms for them nor communicate on their behalf. We will only assist with providing invoice, permit and AHRI paperwork.

Rebate amounts change, Bellows is rarely notified when they do. It is up to the customer to do their own due diligence to ensure the current rebate amount.