Improve Home Ventilation

Fall is the season when you transition from air conditioning to open windows, to using your furnace.

The better the ventilation in your home, the easier this transition will be, both on your equipment and your family. Here are three ways to improve your Soquel home ventilation for the fall season.

Soquel, CA Home-Ventilation-ServicesChange Your Furnace Filter

One of the best ways to improve your ventilation for fall is to change your furnace filter. Most HVAC experts recommend changing your filter after each season, although it depends on what kind of system you have.

If you don't change it that often it's still a good idea to change the filter in the fall, because there is a lot more dirt and allergans flying around in the spring and fall season that will get caught in your filter.

A new, clean filter will help with the air flow when you are running your furnace, which in turn will greatly improve the ventilation in your Soquel home.

Use Your Exhaust Fans

Your home should have at least two exhaust fans: one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. Using these fans when you use those areas will help increase your home's ventilation.

When you are taking a shower or a bath, you always should use the exhaust fan in the ceiling. This helps suck out the moist air and helps prevent mold and mildew.

The same goes for when you are cooking. You should run your exhaust fan that is in your range hood. This will suck any smoke or any moist air from boiling water and help with the ventilation in your home.

Install a Radon Reduction Device

Unless your home is air tight -- and no home really is -- it will draw in air from outside. Some of this air is likely to come from below your foundation, and that air can contain radon, which is a radioactive gas that you can't see or smell.

If you have too much radon in your home, it can cause a health hazard, because long-term exposure to radon gas is the second-leading cause of lung cancer.

Installing a radon mitigation system, which is essentially a PVC pipe with a motorized fan in it to suck the radon-tainted air from below your house and vent it outside, will remove this carcinogen from your home and improve your ventilation.

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