The 4th of July is coming, so get ready with 4 Home Improvement Projects

Everyone tends to get excited when the Fourth of July comes around, and it’s not just because it’s the day of America’s independence. The Fourth of July has a different meaning for each person, but many look at the day as a day when they can be close to family members, similar to other holidays throughout the year. Many people get together on the Fourth of July, and a lot of these get-togethers will happen inside or around the home, so it may be time to get some projects done and out of the way before the Fourth of July comes around. Here are four suggestions to get your home ready for the Fourth of July:

Deck MaintenanceClean the Deck

In almost every neighborhood across the USA, you can find people setting off fireworks. What better place to watch fireworks than while sitting on your deck? Your deck may currently be cluttered with a lot of stuff, such as old chairs, boxes, the umbrella for your lawn furniture and more. Clean up your deck, and set up your lawn furniture on the deck if that’s where you typically put it to make the deck presentable to everyone. It wouldn’t hurt to refinish the wood flooring on your deck if you can afford it, especially if you want your deck looking it’s best for the Fourth of July.

Lawn Care Tips

The summer heat can mean that your lawn may end up turning brown, depending on the kind of grass you have. Learn different ways to care for your lawn as well as the plants around your home. Watering your lawn after the sun goes down will allow you to waste less water and have less evaporation of the water that’s put on the lawn to keep it green. If you’re planting different flowers around your home, then make sure you put flowers in that can withstand the weather and ones that don’t need a lot of water to live outdoors. Only water your lawn every three days, and this will save you water usage but still allow your lawn to stay green and beautiful for the Fourth of July.

Prepare Your AC For Additional Worklawn care

You know that you’re going to have a lot of people coming in and out of your home on the Fourth of July, so the worst thing that could happen would be for your AC unit to break down on that day. What would even be worse is if the AC unit gives out, but no one is available to fix it because they are on vacation. Even if a maintenance person can fix your AC unit, it will take time out of your day to stay home to get it fixed, especially if your plans for the Fourth of July are outside of the home. You may even face a higher charge for having an HVAC specialist come out on a holiday, so it’s always best to avoid this by getting maintenance on your AC unit as soon as possible. If you haven’t turned on your AC unit yet, then when the Fourth of July rolls around you will need it. July is a hot month in almost every region of the USA, so you want your guests to be comfortable. If they gather in your home, they want cold air from the AC unit. Have the filters in your unit changed, make sure the thermostat is working correctly, refill the freon if it’s needed, and ensure that your AC unit will last throughout the hot summer. Make sure to get a professional to maintain your AC unit and not just a friend or family member who thinks they understand what to do, especially if you’re unit hasn’t had any maintenance in a long time.

faucetCheck Your Outside Faucets

Make sure your outside faucets are working because water activities may take place on the Fourth of July, and you’ll also want to ensure that water is accessible when required for your lawn and plants. Even if you have a sprinkler system set up around your home, just check the faucets for full functionality because you will need them at one point or another.

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