How to Keep the Temperature Consistent

The single factor that influences comfort in a person's San Rafael home is the temperature. It can make an otherwise lovely home uncomfortable, cold enough to make you shiver, or warm enough that you end up looking like you'd just been on a tropical safari.

San, Rafael, CA ventilation_servicesWhile a reliable air conditioning and heating system will make your home more agreeable on average, you may notice that some rooms are hotter or warmer than others.

Let's examine three things you can do to keep the temperature consistent from room to room.

Close and Open the Right Doors

As more air flows through any given room, the closer that room's temperature will be to the average temperature of your home. This means that rooms you desire a consistent temperature in, should have their doors open to the rest of the house.

If you keep the doors to rooms open, but the temperature seems to be uncooperative, then you may need to have an expert diagnose your home's airflow.

Clean Your HVAC System Regularly

Dander, dirt, dust, mildew and everything else that circulates through the air of your home tends to collect in your ducts. While a reliable air conditioner filter can help this, particles will still manage to slip through and clog your system.

As your system's ductwork and condenser coil becomes clogged, rooms won't heat or cool as consistently as they should.

To maintain an even temperature in your home, ensure that your system is regularly cleaned and maintained by a professional. Parts like the condenser coil may require cleaning in an industrial acid bath, which means that it's best to leave this to the professionals.

Seal Air Leaks

A consistent temperature in your San Rafael home requires a working HVAC system and an airtight home. The latter tends to be the reason older homes have problems maintaining consistent temperatures in different rooms.

If you have one or two rooms with temperature consistency problems, then you may need to have those rooms weatherized.

Having a professional install seals, fix structural damage and seal areas like windows can help your home retain air of the right temperature while keeping the outside air from infiltrating your home.

While this process may seem like an ideal do-it-yourself project, weatherizing is best left to the professionals. They have special instruments and processes for detecting the locations for air leaks, and they tend to know the most reliable ways to provide long-term weatherization.

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