3 Main Water Heater Regulations

For Santa Cruz homeowners, water heaters are a great convenience. Even though water heaters may have occasional problems, the issues can usually be identified and solved by a professional plumber in one visit.

Santa Cruz, CA Water-Heater-ServicesOne of the main reasons why plumbers are able to solve water heater problems quickly is because of the standardize way that water heaters are built, installed, serviced, and maintained.

Water heaters are able to be handled in a standardize manner because of water heater regulations.

The regulations have been put in place by the government to protect consumers concerning the purchase and operation of water heaters.

Three Core Water Heater Regulations Concern:

1. Water heater energy efficiency standards.

2. Water heater installation standards.

3. Water heater size issues.

Water Heater Energy Efficiency Standards

One of the biggest users of energy in many

San Rafael homes is the water heater. Since water heaters are used on a daily basis, water heaters will typically be one of the major sources of energy and cost regarding energy bills.

However, the amount of energy that is used by water heaters can be reduced. This can be accomplished by improving the energy efficiency for water heaters.

Energy efficiency is an area concerning water heater regulations that can help consumers by reducing energy used by water heaters, which ultimately will help reduce consumers’ energy bills.

Water Heater Installation Standards

Water heaters that are installed by a licensed professional typically have few if any installation issued. One of the reasons why is because water heater regulations are in place that provide licensed professionals with all the information and requirements needed to properly install water heaters.

In addition, water heater regulations give guidelines regarding installations that provide licensed professionals with information that helps to protect them and the users of the water heaters.

Water Heater Size Issues

Water heaters come in various sizes. Even though water heaters come in different sizes, water heater regulations help to maintain consistency between the various sizes. Basically regardless of size, all water heaters work in the same manner.

Regarding the safe use of water heaters, consumers depend on water heater manufacturers and the professionals who handle water heaters. However, water heater regulations are in place to ensure that water heater manufacturers and professionals will build, install, service, and maintain water heaters in a safe and efficient manner.

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