The Top Plumbing Myths

There are many plumbing myths that can cost you more money for repair bills unless you are familiar with the plumbing inside your San Rafael home. Many homeowners choose to do their own plumbing repairs without consulting a licensed plumber.

Marin, CA plumbing_servicesThere are a few maintenance tasks that you can do on your own, but consult a professional for more difficult plumbing tasks. The following plumbing facts will help you dispel the myths that may cost you more money.

High-Efficiency Toilets Clog Often

This myth got its start from low-flow toilets of the past. However, manufacturers have researched, developed and tested a wide variety of high-efficiency toilets that save you money. An average family of four can save thousands of dollars a year.

High-Efficiency Toilets Cost More

It simply is not true that high-efficiency toilets cost more money. If you comparison shop online, you will find that almost every toilet manufacturer offers high-efficiency toilets at a reasonable cost. Online shopping allows vendors to charge less money by having a virtual presence instead of a brick and mortar store.

Low-Flow Showers are Ineffective

Many people think that showers with low-flow shower-heads will not have enough water pressure to shower properly. This myth is not true since the water pressure in your San Rafael home is due to a number of causes and not the shower-head. Low-flow shower-heads are a great way to use less water when you take your daily shower.

Water Sprinkler Facts

Water sprinklers that need repair will use more water than a sprinkler system that is working properly. It is important that you program your sprinkler to water your yard in the early morning hours.

If you water your yard in the evening, you will leave your lawn susceptible to pest infestation and disease. Inspect your water sprinkler system on a regular basis to prevent waste and higher utility bills.

Underground Plumbing Leaks

Underground plumbing leaks account for the greatest water loss that can cost you a fortune. If your water bill suddenly peaks, then you should immediately call a licensed plumber for assistance. Plumbing equipment can easily detect water leaks with great accuracy. An underground plumbing leak waste thousands of gallons of water.

Water leaks are also bad for the environment and can cause structural damage to your home. Home maintenance tasks can prevent many problems with your plumbing if you stay on top of regular inspections by a qualified technician in your community.

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