Common Causes of a Toilet Not Flushing Properly

When you pull or press the lever on the toilet, you expect to hear and see the toilet flushing. In most cases, the toilet will flush without hassle or concern.

However, all toilets can develop issues from time to time due to mechanical failure or user problems, and many issues will interfere with your ability to properly flush the toilet.

Soquel, CA Toilet-Repair-ServicesBy learning more about the most common causes of flushing problems, you may be able to determine if you need to contact a plumber for assistance.

A Clogged Toilet

Toilet clogs are unfortunately common. Some may be relatively minor, and flushing the toilet a few times may be enough to push the clog through the pipe.

However, with more significant clogs, the toilet may not flush, or the water level may rise in the toilet. If the water is overflowing onto the toilet, you should turn the toilet's water supply off as a first step.

Plunging the toilet is often an effective way to remove a clog and to restore function to the toilet. If you have a significant clog or if the clog seems to recur, your Soquel home toilet may need to be professionally snaked by a plumber.

A Broken Chain

The lever on the toilet is connected to a chain inside the tank that raises a flapper. When the flapper is raised, the flushing process begins. If you pull or push the lever with no response, the chain may not be properly connected to the lever or to the flapper.

You can easily raise the tank lid to see if the chain is connected. Many people can reconnect the chain on their own to resolve this situation, but you can also use professional plumbing services if needed.

A Water Supply Issue

Another common reason for flushing issues is related to the water supply. When the water supply is not turned on, an initial flush may be completed by the water stored inside the tank, but a second flush may not be possible.

You can check the water supply to the tank and to the entire home to determine if this is the cause of your flushing problem.

A toilet that does not flush properly can be a true inconvenience, and some flushing issues can actually cause messy situations. If you have noticed a flushing issue with your Soquel home toilet, you may be cause to remedy the situation if you can determine what the cause is.

Your Soquel, CA home toilet issues can be a nuisance to the whole family. Call Bellows Plumbing, Heating, & Air at (831) 219-8644 today, and let's get your toilet back to its flushing state!