Unexpected Ways to Save on Cooling Costs

Soquel AirThere are a number of ways to cut cooling costs. Some methods are easier to put into use in the off-season, some during the season and some after the season.

Energy Saving Tips Prior to the Cooling Season

The off-season is the perfect time to talk with a professional HVAC service. Most have more time in the off-season. The majority of professionals will gladly share cost saving tips with you. This is the time of year to schedule a maintenance check-up in preparation for the sweltering days around the corner.

A Maintenance check-up can include cleaning, tune-up, refrigerate levels and controls. A more in depth check that includes the thermostat and electrical system is an option.

If your unit needs replaced, now is the time. An Energy Star unit will save substantially on energy costs over time.

How to Save Energy during the Cooling Season

Compact florescent light bulbs do not take as much energy as regular bulbs or put off as much heat. Close off some of the heat registers you do not need. If you need to replace appliances, utilize the newer energy star appliances.

Take advantage of fans. Moving the air around reduces the time an air conditioner runs. Fans cool you off by evaporating moisture from your skin. Save on the loss of cool air by using exhaust fans only as needed.

Block the sun to your home as much as possible using trees, and foliage. Use shades, tint, drapes and awnings to insulate the windows. The more sun coming through the windows, the higher energy costs is.

It is imperative that you change you filters at least once a month. Dirt is the number one cause of wasted energy. Use a programmable thermostat. Set it at 78 when people are home. If no one is there bump it up 5 degrees.

End the Cooling Season with Next Year in Mind

Soquel Cooling SavingsDuctwork is a major source of cool air loss. If you did not have it checked before the season, now is a good time to have your ductwork inspected and sealed. Save even more energy by insulating the newly sealed ducts.

Extra insulation throughout the structure will add additional savings. If you have trouble with air loss from doors and windows, this is a good time to repair or change them. Seal off any small air leaks around plug-ins and pipes noticed around the house.

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