Pet Owners Plumbing Tips

Most likely, keeping your family safe and preventing any added house expenses are at the top of your list. Yet, the furry members of your family can sometimes get into trouble without even knowing it.

Santa Cruz, CA drain_cleaning_servicesHere are some plumbing tips on how pet owners can both take care of their beloved family members, while keeping their pipes clean. Whether a long-time pet or a new puppy, this information is a good reminder to everyone.

Time to Pet-Proof Your Home

Anyone with toddlers knows that they have to child-proof their Santa Cruz home, and this is also true with pet owners. Make sure all of your Santa Cruz home floor drains are covered, including any drain that is closed off with a door.

Pets could get hurt or stuck in an open drain. While you are at it, make sure you close the toilet lid. The chemicals in the toilet bowl are not safe for pets to drink. By making this a family habit, you can prevent any emergency trips to the Vet.

Stop the drain:

Eventually, your pet is going to need a bath, and preparing the tub is a must. When you bathe your pet, the fur has to go someone. Trapping the fur before it goes down the drain is super easy to do.

Go to the store and pick up a drain strainer or stopper for your tub. This small investment will prevent a future slow moving drain, drain clog or possible need for a snake to clear out the pipes. Your back-up solution is to use the self-serving tub at the local pet store. Either way, this will keep both your pipes and your pet clean.

Watch What You Flush

When cleaning out the litter box, it is very tempting to flush waste and kitty litter down the toilet. This is not a good idea. Kitty litter will clog the toilet and eventually, you will need a professional to unclog the toilet.

Avoid this altogether by only throwing away waste and toilet paper. The used kitty litter can be bagged up and thrown in the trash.

What Where They Dig

If you own a pet that likes to dig, or you have created a part of the yard where you pet is allowed to dig, make sure you know what is under where they are digging.

Check to make sure your pet is not digging through your water or sewer line. Even a pet that only digs a foot and a half could damage these important lines.

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