Did you know that Santa Cruz beaches are considered to be some of the dirtiest in California?

Sewer roots pollute oceans of Santa CruzHeavy root intrusion and soil movement can cause small cracks in residential and commercial sewer lines. These cracks, which often times happen at joints in the pipe, allow tree and plant roots to follow a trail of moisture. During winter or dry seasons when root growth increases roots can travel hundreds of feet and grow to more than two feet in diameter. Once the roots penetrate these small cracks they continue to grow and exert considerable pressure at the crack or joint. Increased pressure causes the line to crack and collapse, which then requires costly replacement.

Repairing damaged sewer pipes is an important to keeping our beaches and rivers clean of human waste and bacteria. A damaged sewer line left unchecked can not only contaminate an entire property but can also leech affluence and chemicals into the ground water, rivers, and oceans. According to 2014 Beach Report Card Data completed by Heal the Bay advocacy group, 90% of the weekly tests done at Santa Cruz beaches indicated bacteria levels higher than the state standard level. Iconic Santa Cruz beaches such as Cowell’s made the “Beach Bummer” list due to their extremely high levels of human waste bacteria. How such high levels of human bacteria is making its way into the ocean waters can be hard to determine, though faulty sewer laterals are on the list.

Homeowner’s can help do their part towards keeping our beaches and the ocean clean by preventing sewer line failure and making repairs when cracks or offsets are discovered. One way to know if you have problem is when frequent sewer clogs begin to occur. Usually a recurring clog means roots or an offset in the pipe. Not only is this an inconvenience but it allows sewage to seep into the ground, wash away soil, and eventually contaminate our oceans and rivers. Ask you plumber to use a video inspection system to determine the cause of the clog. Early detection not only preserves the environment, but can sometimes mean money savings for you. In most cases early detection can mean less costly spot repairs to the sewer, rather than full line replacement. “When a leaking sewer line is left unchecked the roots literally take over and crush the sewer line. In some cases a sink hole will even develop where soil was slowly washed away over the years. This ends up leading to expensive remediation and rebuilding,” said Bellows Plumbing, Heating, & Air operations officer Greg Bellows.

This year do your part for the environment and help avoid a costly sewer line failure. Have your sewer line inspected by a licensed plumber with Drainvision technology.


Source: Santa Cruz beach has West Coast's dirtiest water. By J.M. Brown, Santa Cruz Sentinel