The Five Benefits of Hydrojetting


Soquel PlumberWhat is Hydrojetting?

When pipes and sewer lines are clogged with debris and buildup, plumbers can use the process of hydrojetting to clear out obstacles and clean the plumbing system so that water can flow freely.

Hydrojetting is a method for cleaning out buildup that relies upon pressurized water that is blasted through pipes and sewer lines. The high pressure of the water generates sufficient force to knock many different types of buildup out of the system. The technique involves using water at a pressure of about 4,000 psi.

Hydrojetting Advantages

Handles Different Types of Debris- Buildup in sewer lines and pipes can consist of a variety of different types of materials, including sand, mud, grease, soap, and more Hydrojetting can get rid of all of these materials.

Provides a Thorough Cleaning

Cleans Out Bacteria- Over time, bacteria can build up in the pipes and sewer lines of a structure's plumbing system. This bacteria has many negative consequences such as foul odors. Hydrojetting will wash bacterial buildup away, along with other types of debris.

Saves Money- Over the long run, hydrojetting can save money by providing such a thorough cleaning that it minimizes maintenance and cleaning needs in the plumbing system in the near future.

Offers Maneuverability- Cleaning buildup out of pipes and sewer lines can be a cumbersome undertaking. Fortunately, hydrojetting equipment offers the maneuverability necessary to pinpoint clogs and focus on forcing them out of the system.

How Hydrojetting Works

Usually, a plumber will do a video inspection before the hydrojetting process begins to scope out the condition of pipes and sewer lines. This video inspection can Soquel Hydrojettinghelp the plumber to pinpoint clogs and to determine what they are being caused by.

The video inspection can also help the plumber determine if pipes and lines are strong enough to handle hydrojetting. This process is highly effective at cleaning out a plumbing system, but it can damage older or weaker sewer lines.

After an inspection, the plumber will then put a hose and nozzle in the plumbing system through a cleanout. A cleanout is an opening in the plumbing system.

Pressurized water is forced into the plumbing system through the pipe, and buildup is then washed out of the system.

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