What To Do When You’re Tired Of A Smelly Garbage Disposal

Here’s a fact, garbage disposals will begin to smell after a while because they are used to grind up food, so this is to be expected. Here’s another fact, it’s easy enough to clean the inside of a garbage disposal unit if you use natural remedies that can be found around your home.

If you’ve walked past your garbage disposal unit more than enough times in a day and smell it every single time, then you should know that you have a problem with your garbage disposal that needs to be solved right away.

garbage-disposal-connectionsYou’ll want to get rid of the smell before it drives you crazy, especially since it’s possible that it will grow mold inside the disposal unit, which can possibly spread to other places. Your unit can become much cleaner and smell great if you use a few household items, such as vinegar, baking soda, citrus fruits, and even ice.

Although there have been some naysayers about using ice in the garbage disposal unit, it’s been proven to be useful, and the ice will help to clean out the unit as well as making the blades much sharper. Sharper blades mean that it will be easier to shred food that goes through the unit, and throwing in some salt can help to clean the unit as well as using some of the other household items that are great for disinfecting the unit.

No matter what you use to clean your garbage disposal unit, make sure to run hot water through the unit after you’re finished, just to make sure everything goes through it properly and to ensure that it smells clean. Once your garbage disposal is clean, try to avoid putting items in the unit that may make it start smelling badly again.

Use Natural Remedies

Many people underestimate the natural remedies because they feel only chemical substances can possibly clean something like a garbage disposal unit, but they are completely incorrect.

Most people who know how to clean a garbage disposal unit will use natural remedies, such as citrus fruits because it freshens the unit as well as cleaning it thoroughly. Here are five different ways that you can clean out your garbage disposal unit naturally.

  • Vinegar
  • Soap And Water
  • Cleansing Brush
  • Hot Water
  • Baking Soda

1. Vinegar- Using vinegar is normal these days, whether it’s for cooking or cleaning, especially since it has tons of cleaning properties. Some will use vinegar to clean old pots and pans, coffee pots, a washer, floors and more. Since vinegar can clean just about anything, then use it in your garbage disposal unit should make a lot of sense. You can choose to use the vinegar on its own, or you may want to use the vinegar with soap and water, but either way, it should clean out your garbage disposal fairly well.

garbage-disposal2. Soap And Water- If you have great smelling dish soap and some hot water, then you can have a better smelling garbage disposal unit. Fill the sink partway with some steaming hot water that is soapy, and you may even consider dropping some vinegar into it for additional cleansing benefits. Release the water into the garbage disposal unit while it’s running, and this should help to deodorize the unit.

3. Cleansing Brush- Most people have a cleansing brush of some kind that has a handle on it, which will allow them to clean inside of the garbage disposal unit. If you’re not certain that your unit is clean enough, feel free to add some soap to the brush and scrub the inside of the unit to get it very clean as well as helping to deodorize it.

4. Hot Water- It’s always best to run hot water through a garbage disposal unit, especially when food is being crushed up inside of it. It’s possible that if the smell is faint, the hot water alone can help to deodorize the unit, but it’s always best to add soap or something extra to the water in order to bring about a better smell.

5. Baking Soda- Whenever you have a bad smell in your refrigerator, the first thing you’ll do is grab a box of baking soda, and open it, and put it in the fridge. You may come back later to find that the smell is gone. Since baking soda does so well in neutralizing fridge odors, it can do just as well in your garbage disposal. Add some baking soda to your garbage disposal to see how quickly the smells go away.

The Power of Citrus

cut_up_some_citrusAnother great weapon to fight against the smells in a garbage disposal is citrus fruits. Statistics have proven that citrus is a great way to freshen any garbage disposal, especially since the acid in the fruits can help to fight against the odor and gunk that’s inside of the garbage disposal.

Cut these fruits up small enough to allow them to be ground up by the disposal unit, and afterward, you should have a fresh smelling unit.

Avoidable Objects

There is a whole host of things that shouldn’t go into a garbage disposal unit, but people put them in there anyways. One very common thing that goes into the garbage disposal that shouldn’t is oil or grease. Not only will the grease take time and clog up the pipes, but it grabs everything that passes it and creates a greasy, sticky mess that further clogs the pipes.

Try to avoid putting grease of any kind down the drain, as well as avoiding the typical things like silverware, tea bags and other food items that can cause problems for the unit. If you’re already experiencing problems with your garbage disposal unit, then making a call to your plumber should be the next step.

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